The college bribery hearing is well underway in Boston, and let’s just say that it is just as juicy as one would expect. Wednesday marked the first day of hearings for Lori Loughlin; Felicity Huffman, and at least 14 other parents. As a whole they allegedly paid more than $3.3m in illegal bribes to get their children into prestigious American schools… by lying.

Loughlin — wasted no time in using her arrival in Boston for a photo-op and to sign autographs. Appearing outside the airport, she, looked quite different from someone who could very well spend time in federal prison. She and her fashion-designer hubby are accused of paying more than $500,000 to get their daughters into University of Southern California (as fake row recruits).

MEANWHILE IT APPEARED THAT ALL 14 PARENTS involved reportedly appeared for the hearing. Notably, Huffman’s husband William H. Macy (who managed to avoid charges was never charged).

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