Ex U.S officer gets 25 years in death of black motorist

WEST PALM, FLORIDA — Justice has been served in Florida this weekend after news of a major sentence surfaced in the case against Nouman Raja. For those that don’t know, Raja notoriously killed a black musician whose vehicle had broken down one night after a concert.

Raja is the first officer in Florida in decades to be sentenced and one of few nationwide. Prosecutors say that Raja practically chased Jones down an embankment after having approached his car repeatedly exclaiming “You Good”. Raja fired a total of three shots, two of them after Jones had attempted to escape through the nearby embankment. Unfortunately, the final shot reportedly punctured his heart.

According to court documents, Cory Jones, 31, suffered a broken down vehicle after an emergency stop on the night of 18 October 2015 around 3:15am. Raja, of Asian descent, failed to properly drive his unmarked car towards the SUV (having done so illegally up a nearby ramp). Jones had in the vehicle (a concealed weapons permit, as he reportedly had an expensive drum set with him and needed to protect it).

He had did nothing wrong. Documents show that it went even further after Raja’s own supervisors and what not testified in open court that he had been ordered to wear a vest if he approaches a civilian. He did not at any one point.