The glaring and juicy details about Anna Delvey NYC ‘s “Fabulous German Grifter”

By: Saint Marciela Germaine & Sultan H. Khane II


Anna Delvey is equal part cunning, as, she is equal part devilishly gossip-worthy.   For those that don’t know Anna Sorokin (aka Anna Delvey) managed to bamboozle NYC ‘s richest out of thousands of dollars for damn near a decade.  In fact, her scam went so far she passed herself off allegedly as a German oil heiress worth about $60m.   Her scam actually allegedly started at the super-swanky Soho hotel located at 11 Howard.  Sorokin a 28-year-old mega grifter had help in her scam in part due to the fact that she noticeably appeared the opposite of a filthy rich foreign girl in Manhattan.

A now widely-read and uber famous New Yorker profile on Sorokin described her in a simple way: The fiery red-haired young woman; believably wealthy,  and often hiding behind a solid black pair of Celine glasses.

Sorokin for real first gained her infamy in 2013 (but her scam started significantly before that). Beginning in 2013, Sorokin was first arrested on at least 6 charges of grand larceny believed to be to the tune of $250,000.   It is widely believed that some of her most notorious moments during the scam, uh, took place at her upmarket suite inside 11 Howard.  (*The hotel did not want to be interviewed for this piece, and, asked that we do not literally name the hotel*).

The scam quickly shot Sorokin to socialite stardom. From there she would go on to famously hitch a private jet to a tech conference; spend thousands of dollars on yoga, jip a bank we won’t name out of tens of thousands of stacks — and then ultimately continue using the fake name Anna Delvey.   Numerous reports have described the reported young woman as cunningly “brilliant” and awkwardly obsessed with looking paparazzi ready at all times.

As many have described, Sorokin’s story is actually not all that shocking. New York often dominated by extreme wealth; pomp, and fake wanna-be “celebs” — Sorokin actually fit right in with many new “millennials” who are quietly trying to make a splash on the city’s troubling socialite scene.

Perhaps the most interesting nugget from Sorokin’s story is the fact that as The Cut put it, she, just couldn’t get rid of money fast enough.

At some point, according to The Cut, she had even planned to use her fraudulent funds to open (amusingly) an apparent Soho-House type business downtown.   Humorously, that never came to fruition because Sorokin ‘s other lies eventually severely caught up with her.

Art Basel; Paris Fashion Week, mingling with one of our own friends Tommy Saleh, London, Miami, Montauk —  Sorokin ‘s journey around the globe has been so much juicy that Shonda Rhimes is developing a surely-to-be-drool-worthy drama about Delvey’s movie-worthy scam.