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COHEN’S DAY IN COURT: Shocking new details emerge against Trump
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COHEN’S DAY IN COURT: Shocking new details emerge against Trump

LIVE UPDATES:   As we write this, President Trumps' former fixer Michael Cohen -- is out on Capitol Hill testifying before multiple committees on what he knows about Donald Trump. The testimony as of this writing has been pretty damning, and, produced multiple checks that indicate Donald J. Trump committed crimes while President. Cohen claimed in his opening testimony that the following is 1 of 11 checks that Donald Trump wrote to Cohen in return for providing the hush-money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.  The check is very clearly from. Donald Trump and appears to have come from a Capital One bank account.   It is dated 1 August 2017 -- the same time that Donald Trump had denied having done such.  Secondly, the second check appears to have come fr...
#JacobWohl  is back already with more fake Twitter accounts
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#JacobWohl is back already with more fake Twitter accounts

*WE literally just got wind of this account through a tipster in our e-mail.  The tipster is indeed credible, and, we were able to verify isn't actually Jacob Wohl using someone else's name.  On Wednesday afternoon, The Daily News, was sent a tip regarding another fake social media account ran by right-wing nutjob Jacob Wohl. Wohl. now is using an account claiming that gays are backing Howard Schultz. Howard Schultz has not even announced a gay platform as of yet. The tipster (see their Twitter link) also appears to have already posted numerous credible pieces of evidence to show that this is indeed Jacob Wohl. We have reported the following links from @GaysforSchultz to Twitter. The evidence submitted to The Daily News. Earlier today as we reported, Jacob Wohl, was per...
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Judge orders disgraced cardinal to prison

MELBOURNE --  Huge news in Australia today as it has been confirmed that disgraced cardinal George Pell -- has been sentenced to prison for his horrific crimes against young boys.  This morning Australian officials confirmed that Pell was arrested and sent to Melbournes' Assessment Prison. Already 77-years-old, Pell, faces at least 5 counts of sexual assault/rape.   Each of those counts per Australian law carry about 10 years in prison.  If and when convicted, Pell, likely will spend the rest of his behind bars. His attacks reportedly first started back in the 1990's.  
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Jacob Wohl and his fake Twitter account​ suspended

Big news for scam artist Jacob Wohl.  According to reports it appears the 21-year-old infamous con-artist has finally got the attention he rightfully deserved. According to reports,  social media sites (beginning with Twitter) have begun suspending Wohl over claims that he would use social media profiles to sow "division among 2020 voters". Wohl, ehum, was known for some pretty outlandish claims. Among his most notable were the claims that: Ruth Ginsburg was actually dead, Kamala Harris was a "birther" and that Islamic jihadists had invaded Minnesota at the hands of a particular Congresswoman. It appears that his permanent suspension comes from and only after this video-interview with USA TODAY.
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Ex-NBA star investigated for sex abuse: Reports

PHOENIX -- Troubling news in Arizona today as police confirmed that ex-NBA player Mike Bibby is under investigation for sexual abuse at the high school in which he is apparently a head coach. Police say that Bibby, one of Shadow Mountain High School's most popular coaches, allegedly abused a fellow teacher after he forced her into his car and rubbed his genitals against her. The Arizona Republic  detailed the claims in a restraining order obtained by their website. In the revelation, the teacher (who remains unnamed at this time) has lawyered up and is pursuing charges.
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Lady Gaga and Madonna have quashed their years-long beef

After years-long beefing with each other it appears there's beef no more. At an Oscars after party last night, music legend Madonna appeared in good spirits and ready to embrace Lady Gaga. The two famously beefed in 2011 after Lady Gaga was first accused of ripping off Madge's hit Express Yourself (i.e Born This Way). Years later, she would go on to address the alleged feud in Gaga: Five Foot Two -- where they would go on to discuss how Gaga felt about Madge not directly addressing the issue then. Alls well that ends well now though. https://twitter.com/Madonna/status/1100172889087795200?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1100172889087795200&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.usatoday.com%2Fstory%2Flife%2Fentertainthis%2F2019%2F02%2F25%2Flady-gaga-and-madonna-appear...
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Some Delta Flights, United Flights secretly have cameras in entertainment systems

No shitting here guys. According to Buzzfeed News, United and Delta Airlines have confirmed customer suspicions that some of their international long haul flights have camera lenses in their entertainment systems. This is where it gets pretty interesting. Customers recently took quite the closer look at the Panasonic provided entertainment systems on long-haul flights, some of which, actually reported noticing small cameras in the system. The reasoning? Per both airlines the manufacturer (in this case, Panasonic) apparently provided the cameras in the system in "hopes of future use of them for other technological purposes ["think video conferencing']. The problem, perhaps, is that neither of the airlines actually deploy video conferencing on any of their flights. Both co...
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R. Kelly pleads not guilty to 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault: Report

CHICAGO -- By means of his attorney,  disgraced R&B legend R. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault in Cook County.  On Monday, while the singer remained in jail, his attorney appeared on his behalf in court arguing his case that Kelly was innocent. Kelly appeared in court "quiet" only confirming his name to the judge.  He did not speak himself.   Kelly has also willingly turned in his passport.
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A long and painful history on scam artist Jacob Wohl

Conservatism used to be about traditional values; believing in something real, and sticking by your family -- but these days its about conning; fabricating ridiculous claims and more. Usually all in the name of infamy and money. Enter: Jacob Wohl, 21, perhaps one of the most notorious con artists we've ever had the pleasure of writing about. Wohl has been conning people since the dawn-of-time as multiple "fake" types of people. A fake hedge fund manager; a fake conservative, a fake investor, a laughable political pundit, and more. But these days Wohl 's claims are so bizarre that one must wonder what really is going on with Jacob himself. Enter: Congresswoman Omar, an openly Muslim member of Congress, who appears to have caught the cross-hairs of Trump 's poster boy for false information...
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Longread: R. Kelly ‘s extraordinary fall from grace

R&B has long considered R. Kelly one of the greatest musicians of the genre, and in fact, probably one of the best of all time.   However, over the past decade or two,  Kelly has experienced a fall from grace that only the likes of Michael Jackson and others have felt. Kelly as of 2019 stands accused of 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault (three of them minors). According to. court records picked up out of Chicago,  Kelly, faces up to 70 years in prison. A sentence that if convicted means R. Kelly will spend the rest of his life behind bars for his crimes against women.   In fact, if convicted,  R. Kelly 's conviction would be one of the biggest news stories of the past 20 years. Editors note:  This longread was published by brother-and-sister journalist duo Sultan & Amaral ...
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Jussie Smollett may have gotten hoax idea from his boss: REPORTS

New reported details in the case against Jussie Smollett. While we'd like to acknowledge that we do not disbelieve or believe Smollett, the case, still appears murky. According to the New York Post,   Smollett allegedly got his idea for the hoax from none other than Lee Daniels himself. The Post claims through TMZ that Daniels' 10 Jan post about his cousin being assaulted for being gay, indeed, may have been the firecracker Smollett needed to "jibe better with his boss". It's also worth noting that it appears that Chicago police, may in some way, have lied about Smollett 's doings. TMZ now reports that Smollett did NOT pay the two Nigerian brothers upwards of $3,500 to have the attack staged.   Reports confirmed that Smollett paid that amount of money for a 5-week nutritional and fitnes...
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Report: FOOD is finally headed into Venezuela

CARACAS --   Interesting news in Venezuela, mostly, coming out of the border. between Brazil and the country. According to reports,  Nicholas Maduro has "allowed" aid and food to enter the country after weeks of standoff with international allies and countries attempting to feed the severely hungry. The AP (nor this paper itself) could independently verify that aid had actually left Brazil or nearby Bogota and entered Venezuela. Maduro still claims, per reports, that there is no existing humanitarian crisis in the country -- and ordered all borders closed weeks ago.  
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Singer R. Kelly charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse: Reports

  CHICAGO -- HUGE news in the case against R. Kelly. According to the Cook County prosecutors office,   R. Kelly has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault dating back decades.  In fact,  reports have confirmed that this may be the first viable chance that R. Kelly will be arrested for his crimes. The rapes go back to about 1998 and go up to about 2010. Multiple victims came forth, some of them, even reportedly minors.   Chicago authorities confirmed that R. Kelly is also expected to appear in bond court on Saturday to stand initial hearings for his heinous crimes.  
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Reports: Wendy Williams out at The Wendy Show

Amid reports that hubby Kevin is still shacking up with his sidepiece, Wendy Williams, is allegedly out at the show that made her a television icon. According to Sandra Rose, Wendy has "entirely stopped communicating with her staff and show". Radar Online reports that her rep has denied the claims, although, they seem pretty viable at this point. Williams has been on an extended leave since Christmas.
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