WASHINGTON — There is absolutely no stopping Melania Trump. According to reports,  Melania took off for Mar-A-Lago on Thursday … but not without controversy.  Reports indicate that hours before she departed, uh, there was a debacle involving Nancy Pelosi and Trump himself.

Let’s keep in mind.. Pelosi is second in line to the Presidency and a highly ranked government official. Melania is a former porn star/model turned First Lady who has no business on a government flight.

Trump released a letter stating that Pelosi’s once top secret trip to Afghanistan and Brussels (to meet a delegation; troops, and foreign diplomats) had been cancelled.  The letter, as you might guess, has been widely panned on social media as a serious violation of the law and borderline treason.

Multiple political blogs are reporting that the Afghan trip had been “planned in secret” and was not meant to be made public.  Trump knowingly exposed a government secret and put the safety and security of Pelosi in serious jeopardy. 

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