Troubling news for Donald Trump; company, and one Paul Manafort. Apparently, uh, nobody taught Manafort’s lawyers how to properly seal and redact court documents before actually opening their mouths about them. According to the Washington Post, his lawyers, are scrambling to cover up a massive fail that revealed some pretty damning things about what the government has against Paul Manafort.

The AP was the first to discover the “secret” filing, which, disclosed  that Manafort “traded and openly gave knowledge” to Kilminik (a Russian agent type guy with severe ties to Vladamir Putins’ elite group of hackers and spies).  The government alleges that Kilminik and Manafort “knowingly met in Madrid during the 2016 campaign to swap and trade secrets related to Donald Trump ‘s 2016 Presidential Campaign”.

The newly revealed accusations has allowed a deeper look into how the government views the case, which, seems to be that the government believes that Donald Trump indeed colluded with the Russians to overthrow the 2016 American elections.

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