NEW YORK — Extremely troubling developments out of a Buzzfeed News report.  In the report, the website is out with several damning allegations against Trump and Cohen together. The allegations this time, uh, surround the 2016 Trump Tower Moscow Deal.

View Cohen ‘s latest criminal filing here. It details a bunch of juicy info on his agreement with the federal government.

A deal that Trump furiously denies, but, more information than ever before has become public information.  Most of said information was uncovered in the latest court filing against Michael Cohen, who, has admitted that he was instructed by Donald Trump to lie to Congressional officials.


Buzzfeed claims to have spoken to two credible U.S sources that (also provided some pretty damning text messages). The text messages, seen below, appear to be between Cohen and a Russian operative/assistant to get Trump and co involved with Vladamir Putin.

Via Buzzfeed News




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