Month: January 2019

Afternoon Roundup

America Has Frozen Over

AMERICA is experiencing some of the coldest temperatures mankind has ever seen. Over the past 48 hours, Chicago, has seen temperatures so low -- 12 people have died including a college student in Iowa. Authorities in Chicago are still recommending that people remain indoors, as, temps are still at record lows. Last night around 3am, Gerald Balz, 18, was found behind a residence hall at his University frozen to death. The National Weather Service has reportedly issued a warning that the cold will continue, but will subside slightly, but is set to barrel east. As of this writing, it, appears that the temp has dropped to about 42 below zero -- the worst sub-zero temperatures in history. But, officials say they will persist, and they will remain deadly until the weather ...
Afternoon Roundup

An open letter to SHK, on his 24th birthday

Dear SHK, You did it. It's officially Chapter 24, and, you're still walking this earth better than ever before. If you had any idea the influence and impact you wield, you, would yourself be astounded. None of us; this business, our college educations, or anything like that would be possible without you. You've managed to survive reporting through three sitting Presidents (now a fourth); the death of two dictators, an attempted arrest by the FBI, four warrants for your arrest in China, and of course, the attempted ousting at the hands of your own mother. But guess what dude, you survived. You're now 24 and your sites are bigger than most of us have ever imagined. We are literally some of the luckiest people in the world to be able to work with someone who has ...
Afternoon Roundup

Footage of hate crime against Jussie Smollett found: Police

CHICAGO -- The Daily News has confirmed that despite many attempts to decry the hate attack and its existence, Chicago police, believe that they've found footage of the horrifying ordeal. While they intend not to release the footage as of this writing, police, did say that they are reviewing credible footage that "appears to show Smollett being attacked". Police were unwilling to say whether or not it actually showed the racist remarks recited by Smollett, although, we're going to guess they found what they were looking for.
Afternoon Roundup

“Facebook Research” is a very real thing, here’s what we know

For those that are wondering what the heck that is, it, is in fact a secret Facebook app that pays kids; teens, and even adults up to $20 a month to essentially spy on their mobile phone entirely. Four of our editors, including SHK himself, have previously used the app multiple times.. but there are significant flaws in the app (right down to the fact that it doesn't disclose that Facebook is behind it). The app sends out numerous e-mails; registrations, and then instructions. It is against Apple 's policy and privacy policy for this app to collect and install itself by means of the "Certificate" function on an iPhone. Apple confirmed on Wednesday that "Facebook Research" has been banned from the app store. We're not sure if this is the same "Facebook Research" however it app...
Afternoon Roundup

Ariana Grande stupidly gets Japanese tattoo, unfortunately, it’s spelled wrong

And Twitter of course -- is having a field day with the news. Apparently, uh, this week marked a new tatt for Grande. That tattoo is actually of Japanese letters, but, unknown to Grande it is actually very much spelled wrong. https://twitter.com/alice2096/status/1090457935862525952?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1090457935862525952&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theguardian.com%2Fmusic%2F2019%2Fjan%2F31%2Fariana-grande-mocked-for-japanese-tattoo-typo-leave-me-and-my-grill-alone
Afternoon Roundup

Sarah Sanders claims “God wanted Trump to be President”

In what may be her craziest comments yet, Press Sec Sarah Sanders set the record straight as to why she believed Donald Trump is President (and according to her, the word Russia, is no where in said belief). In an interview with an equally problematic network, otherwise CBN, Sanders made the following statements according to transcripts provided to CNN. The statements have since sparked debate about the influence of religion on public office. "I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times and I think that he wanted Donald Trump to become president, and that's why he's there," Sanders told CBN's David Brody and Jennifer Wishon
Afternoon Roundup

Cops still looking for footage of Jussie Smollett attack

CHICAGO -- Chicago police are still searching for footage of Jussie Smollet 's reported attack, that, has been declared a hate crime. Smollett remains hospitalized and in good condition, however, his castmates on Fox's hit Empire have received heightened security -- amid concerned threats towards their safety. If you or anyone you know has footage of the attack, or, potential information that can bring the reported terrorists to justice please call the Chicago police department immediately.
Afternoon Roundup

5 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Installing A Child Car Seat For The First Time

Installing a child car seat should be an easy task for every parent. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The design of the car and the seat may make the task a little bit confusing. This is the reason why parents who choose to do the job by themselves end up making mistakes. This article explains some of the mistakes the Law Firm Bell & Pollock finds in most cars. 1. Having a Loose Car Seat After installing the car seat, you need to test it. The seat must be firm and should not move more than an inch when you push it in the front, to the back or sideways. If you test and realize that it is not moving, it confirms that it is tight. A loose seat will not protect the baby in the event of a collision or a crash. Kids in lose seats end up injuring their heads during a cra...
Afternoon Roundup

Jussie Smollett attacked in vicious hate crime

CHICAGO -- T.V fans everywhere are grappling today as news of Jussie Smollett being violently attacked for apparently his sexuality and race continues to surface. Chicago police reportedly confirmed yesterday in e-mails to multiple reported outlets, that, two men attacked Smollett in what has now been declared a "hate crime". Smollett was apparently leaving a Subway in Chicago (he had just landed yesterday evening). Upon leaving, he, was confronted by two men who began hurling insults; racial slurs, and homophobic remarks towards him. Per the police report, Smollett, was also attacked with a noose and badly beaten. He remains in hospitalization and is reportedly in good condition. It's worth noting that the two men allegedly shouted references to Donald Trump, and, his...
Afternoon Roundup

It would be best for China to take Huawei ‘s L

Whether China likes it or not, Huawei, is in deep shit over international sanction violations. As we previously reported, Huawei was hit with a total of 10 charges over a 10-page federal indictment in relation to allegedly secretly done business in Iran. Huawei denies all allegations, but, the United States remains firm that it has proof that Meng Wanzhou used a secret "company" to do business in Iran [which is banned]. But, China, has once again proved just how dictatorial and weird that they really are. China has a long and problematic history of believing that they are above the law, which, is something that others have clearly had enough of. For example, Meng Wanzhou is still in custody pending extradition to the U.S -- despite demands from China for her release. Wh...
Afternoon Roundup

Huawei hit with criminal charges by the U.S

Looks like Huawei 's troubles just got a whole lot worst. According to multiple criminal documents made available over the weekend, Huawei has been criminally charged by the United States. The charges come after Meng Wanzhou allegedly violated the sanctions in Iran, by, using an alternative company to still do business with the country. According to the documents, Huawei was hit with charges in Washington state and New York City. Among the most prominent and troubling charges, are, wire fraud; conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and violating international sanctions. Weirdly enough, the company including its CFO are also accused of allegedly stealing trade secrets from the likes of T-Mobile. We've reached out to T-Mobile for comment on this (directly to John himself).
2016 Elections

Michael Cohen agrees to talk to officials, with a catch

Looks like Congress and the House Committee will get to hear from Michael Cohen after all. According to reports, Cohen, has agreed to speak to officials with one particular catch -- that it be done behind closed doors. CNN notes that the change comes amid further concerns for Cohen and his family.
Afternoon Roundup

The Daily News has suspended operations in Venezuela

An internal decree has been made public announcing that by the orders of Sir Sultan H. Khane II, operations in Venezuela, are hereby suspended. We cannot allow our operations to continue in the country, where, millions are going hungry and are unable to communicate with the outside world. We will continue to cover the uprising in Venezuela, however, personal operations in the country have been permanately suspended.
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