Month: November 2018

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Ivanka Trump ‘s BOLD yet UGLY outfit in Buenos Aires strikes a chord

Mostly because of its insane price tag for someone who fights for wealth equality, and, claims to be about other people.  Arriving in Buenos Aires for the G20 Summit with President Trump, the U.S's First Daughter, uh  had quite the expensive outfit for her adventure in South America. Pairing her $3,800 Oscar De La Renta outfit with a discontinued $275 Ivanka Trump handbag, uh, the White House's most Senior Adviser appeared entirely out of touch with the same people she claims to represent.
Fresh News

Stephen Curry ‘s shoes are now available in girls sizes

Thanks to one eager youngster who was eager to get his new Curry 5's on her feet for basketball season. According to Teen Vogue,  Riley Morrison, 9,  wanted nothing more than to spend the holiday pre-season getting ready for young peoples basketball...by wearing Stephen Curry's shoes. But at the time, Curry's shoes, were actually only available in boys sizes (which made the problem).  Teen Vogue now confirms that since releasing a letter on 18 November, RIiley's father, Mr.. Morrison has managed to assist in getting the shoes available for girls also. Under Armour has since altered its website to be available for both genders, and, will feature no specific gender-marking on its website. Morrison noticed that she wanted to wear the 5's when basketball season started, but, "She looked ...
World News

New concern for Donald Trump, and, it could be serious

Troubling news for Donald Trump.  According to multiple new reports, Donald Trump,  once reportedly tried to pony up a $50m penthouse to none other than Vladamir Putin.  BUZZFEED appears to have gotten their hands on quite the collection of documents that indicate that Michael Cohen tried to pimp out a $50m penthouse to Putin when "The Moscow Project" was a thing. The news probably isn't going to sit well with Robert Mueller 's investigation team, who, is currently seeking to bring charges against Cohen and the Trump Administration for alleged  tampering with Russia in the 2016 elections that made Trump President.   Longtime business and Trump associate Felix Slater, uhm,  reportedly spoke to Buzzfeed confirming the news. "The oligarchs would bend over backwards to live in the same b...

Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress: Top Story

MICHAEL COHEN has admitted that he lied to Congress about his knowledge of what Donald Trump knew about Russia's involvement in the 2016 elections. The bombshell allegations just weeks before Democrats are set to take control of the House, which, with this news is likely to create a very interesting headache for the President. This is where it gets interesting. According to the Washington Post, Cohen,  apparently lied to Congress when he testified that Trump had no knowledge of Russian meetings in Trump Tower, the same meetings, that involved that now infamous lawyer both parties denied knowing about.    The confirmation comes at a time when Trump, ehum, has remained still calling the investigation a "witch hunt" meanwhile using his platform and rally's to incite violence. The Post repo...
3 Tips To Decorating Your Home

3 Tips To Decorating Your Home

3 Tips to Decorating Your Home Decorating your home can be fun and at the same time a daunting task. Maintaining your own personal style without having everything looking mismatched or thrown together requires a bit of thinking. Especially, making each of your rooms flow into the next ones can be tough on you if you’re just a novice DIYer. Fortunately, taking notes from professional home stagers can help you hide your house’s flaws, play up with its strengths, and make it charming to almost any beholder. Whether you have just moved into a new home or are planning to make some touch-ups to the existing one, there’re a few interior design tricks that can transform its look. Sometimes it is the slightest adjustments that make all the difference. It could be a mix of new and existing ...
Top 4  Christmas Gifts You Can Get Your Best Friend

Top 4 Christmas Gifts You Can Get Your Best Friend

Top 4 Christmas gifts you can get your best friend   We all should cherish our friends, and we should prioritise finding them a cool Christmas gift this year. Your best friend may seem to have everything, so you may find it difficult to find a present that will not embarrass you. The best gift should be hilarious, techy, thoughtful and epic. I have provided the unique and trending best friend gifts for your BFF. Here are the top four Christmas gifts you can get your best friend.     Water pipe. For your smoking friend, a bubbler pipe could be the perfect gift. Water pipes use a water filtration system that creates a smooth smoking experience. You can look for that bubbler that provides additional filtration by adding diffusers to smoothen the smoke further. ...

Jerry Springer is getting a Judge Judy style court show

Looks like Jerry Springer is moving on to bigger things. The legendary ratchet tv host is headed to TV as an actual television judge (Think Judge Judy) in the fall of 2019. Reports confirmed Monday that Springer has finally decided to let "his career take full circle and finally put his law degree to use". Jokingly, Springer announced on social media that for the "first time he would be considered honorable". Springer made a widely known and often mocked name for himself as the host of the Jerry Springer show. That show, uh, is probably better known for the many hilarious ratchet fights in which it has produced.
World News

John Chau Was A Crazy Bible-Thumping Missionary, Call It Like It Is

If you haven't been living under a rock, uh, you've probably heard of John Allen Chau -- the American Missionary who was killed by  a remote tribe deep within India's mysterious archipelago of islands.    Earlier this month, uh, it was revealed that Chau had illegally trespassed onto the Sentinelese island. For those that aren't aware,  that particular tribe, has functioned so well as the tribe in which it is -- it has never made contact with the outside world.   In fact, for thousands of years, it has been illegal by all accounts for any foreign person or power to even attempt to enter the area. Additionally, two reported journal entries from Chau's journal on the island have surfaced.  Somehow ABC NEWS managed to obtain photos of the journal, which, indicated that Chau definite...
Fresh News

U.S shuts border amid migrant caravan showdown: Report

MEXICO --  On the opposite side of the U.S-Mexico border a scene unfolded like something out of a badly written movie with political elements.   Over on the border near Tijuana, migrants from all over South America, attempted to apparently stronghold their way into the United States... but failed. According to several reporters,  including the AP,   protesters and migrant travelers were met with tear gas and other chemicals -- in a bid to keep them away from the border. Several, uh, were apparently  temporarily harmed by the tear gas while others were bold and attempted to make an entire break for it. The news comes on the heels that Trump wrongfully claimed that the foreign nationals in the migrant caravan had been offered the right to stay in Mexico until their asylum applications ...
Trump's America

Mueller report may “terrifyingly devastating” for Trump: Trump defender

One of President Trump 's main and most vocal defenders, uh, appears to be singing a very different tune ahead of the release of Robert Mueller's report on Russian meddling. In interviews over the weekend, Dershowitz, revealed that he himself believes that the impact and revelations in the report --  will likely be politically devastating to Trump. “I think the report is going to be devastating to the president and I know that the president's team is already working on a response to the report,” Dershowitz said on "This Week" Sunday. https://twitter.com/ABCPolitics/status/1066695641873580033?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1066695641873580033&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fabcnews.go.com%2FPolitics%2Fmueller-report-devastating-president-frequent-trump-defender%2Fstory...
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