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Unraveling the unbelievable story of scam artist Jacob Wohl

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Brace yourselves guys, initially this wasn’t a part of our daily news docket (what we call the top stories we share at the beginning of every day).   It wasn’t until  our eagle-eyed readers dumped troves of information in our inboxes pleading for us to dig deep into the situation. Buckle up, it gets pretty comical.

As of October 2020, Jacob Wohl is standing trial on charges in the United States. 

First and foremost, we’d like to point out, that Jacob Wohl is indeed a notorious scam artist (con?) if you will.  Years ago, Wohl became infamous online for his part in a faulty hedge fund (that doesn’t appear to have ever existed) and went on for years about it.   As a supposed hedge-fund manager, Wohl,  attempted to con millions out of unsuspecting victims — until journalists picked up on the con and widely reported it.


Doomsday has struck again for Wohl, literally.   This time his scam revolves around one Robert S. Mueller III (yes, the special counsel in the Russian interference investigation).   Wohl and his con-associates claimed last night that Mueller has “credibly assaulted women in his past, and, they’re now willing to talk”.  One associate, identified as Jack B,  even went as far as to claim on Twitter that the woman would be “identified on Friday”. (See here).

This is where it gets interesting.  Not one singular journalist has been able to confirm (even in the slightest) information about this supposed woman.   The only slightly known (“fact”) if you will, is, that she allegedly worked for Mueller in the past. However, as of this writing,  it appears that that fact is also made up by Wohl and his associates.

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It is definitely worth noting that after Wohl saw his downfall as a fake hedge-fund manager, he, suddenly became a staunch and rather comical supporter of Donald Trump.   As a Trump supporter, he, joined sites like Breitbart.com;  The Gateway Pundit, and numerous other conspiracy-ridden websites to peddle absurd stories to the American public.

It’s like running cons runs in his blood.

Surefire Intelligence is about as real as Wohl ‘s supposed degree in finance.

This is where we are also obligated to disclose that Wohl appears to have been “indefinitely banned from finance” after his problematic scam a few years ago.   With the new scam, uh,  he appears to have targeted the intelligence community.   In multiple posts; fake documents, e-mails,  social media posts (and even a cell phone tied to his mum)… his further claims are absolutely hilarious.

As it has been discovered by multiple outlets (including this one), Wohl,  is lying about the supposed company and his connection to it. Surefire Intelligence doesn’t actually exist, and, most of the stock images within the company are actually that of Christopher Waltz.   The stock pictures appear to have been copied from Google.

The date in question

Wohl alleges in his “complaint” and those of the “alleged women” that Mueller raped a woman at the St. Regis Hotel in New York on 2 August 2010. However, The Washington Post, was able to discover that Mueller was actually summoned to jury duty on that day in Washington D.C.  That claim has been debunked as a lie, and, a bizarre one even for someone of Wohl ‘s deceitful caliber.

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Website Info

Stupidly, Wohl, apparently hasn’t had much training in the realm of the internet.  Anybody with half-a-brain would know that  DNS information; tracking info, and the like is very much alive on the internet and not all that hard to find.   The information for Surefireintelligence.com is registered to  [email protected]   This is quite funny considering Jacob  denies knowing anything about the company or having any direct ties to it.  Also it is definitely amusing that the address publicly listed for Surefire Intelligence, ehum, has been found to be false. It actually belongs to a law firm that knows nothing of one Jacob Wohl or Surefire Intelligence. 

“Celebrity Biography”

A biography, uh, which appears to have  been written by Wohl himself… remains online as of this writing. In the amusing biography, Wohl,  “pretending to be someone else” writes that Wohl “managed hedge-funds before school while trading on his iPad” and “had started his hedge-fund at a young age”.  In the bio, a man by the name of David Wohl is identified as his supposed father.

The link is here. 

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