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TEA ALERT: Christina Milian involved in Hollywood bar brawl

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Looks like Chrissy has some explaining to do. According to our juicy friends over at The YBF, Christina, has had a wild ass weekend that resulted in drinks being thrown; a friend getting hit, and a bouncer that was having absolutely none of it.

Here’s how it went down.   Apparently Chrissy and her girl Nicole Williams (see pic) hit up the Figueroa Hotel in Los Angeles. But uh, uh, everybody knows ain’t no getting into that hotel after final-call.    Multiple blogs report that Chrissy threw a bitch-fit  after the bouncer refused them entry, mostly, because after-all literally means they’re either at capacity or they’re not letting anyone else in…. because time does matter.

Chrissy apparently threw a drink at the bouncer, but then,  the bouncer decided to pounce back — but in return — Nicole got hit in the brawl which then became a serious issue because someone had been assaulted. Chrissy’s camp flat-out denies anything went down, however, onlookers confirmed TheYBF ‘s report and subsequently confirmed to the  Pipin Hot Tea team that this indeed did occur and “Chrissy was out of line with that behavior”.

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