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How To Help Your Students Get Into Medical School

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How To Help Your Students Get Into Medical School

As a teacher or a professor, you have a lot of responsibility to guide your students on the path that they have chosen to take. If you are a science teacher, then you might find that it is up to you to help your students get into the medical school of their choice. This can be difficult, especially if the student is not quite getting the grades. This is why we have put together some tips on how you can help your students get into medical school. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Give Advice


A good place to start is to open yourself up to questions. Encourage your students to ask you about how they can get into medical school. If they know that you are willing to help, then they might be more likely to ask for it. Give all of the advice that you can and consider having individual meetings with your students to discuss their options and what they need to do to get into the school of their choice.

Help With MCAT Prep

Any students wanting to get into medical school will need to take the MCAT. You should make sure that all of the topics in this test have been covered and you should help with any topics that students are struggling with. If you can’t help with preparation for this test, encourage your students to make use of the Princeton Review which they can use to go to extra classes or download study guides. You’ll find information about the Princeton Review at the following site: https://www.testprepselect.com/princeton-review-mcat/.

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Set Up Study Groups

If you have multiple students in your class who are going to apply for medical school, then you could try to help them set up study groups. Often, students find that it is easier to study when they are in a group together. You could introduce them to each other and give them topics to study in order for them to properly prepare for their upcoming MCAT.

Discuss Applications

If you have been to medical school yourself, you might already have some information on how the process works. Ask around your department and see what sort of information you can gather. From there, consider taking a class on how to manage the application process. You could explain what the admissions board might be looking for and make sure to place emphasis on extracurricular activities. You might find that some students haven’t thought about anything but their grades and so your advice on the application process could prove very helpful.

Final Thoughts

If you have been teaching a group of students for a few years now, it is likely that you want them to succeed. In order to help them get into their dream medical schools, you should try to make yourself open for discussions on the process. You should also encourage them to try out the Princeton Review when preparing for the MCAT

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