Month: May 2018

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An unusual new virus has sprung up in India and it is dangerous

NEW DELHI, INDIA --   Officials in the Indian capital are traveling to the southern most region of the country today as the outbreak of a new virus ripples through a local community.  Known distinctively as the Nipah Virus,  the virus reportedly comes from infected fruit bats. Yes, you read that right.   Here's what we know.  Officials say that the virus has a death rate of about 75% in all infections.    Of the notable symptoms: convulsions, fever, vomiting (similar to that of Ebola).   The virus had previously only sprung up in countries like  Bangladesh and West Bengal . As of this writing, the virus has not been contained to the southern region of India.   Officials are concerned that if it continues to spread, it, could very well be another case of Ebola on a global scale....
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China’s bizarre war with Taiwan has taken a new toll

In an unexpected industry.    Multiple reports in Asia are surfacing today, ehum, after China apparently issued a demand that all major airlines around the world acknowledge Taiwan as part of China. But,   notably,  U.S based airlines and even the White House aren't backing down on their refusal to do just that. The AP found 20 carriers, including Air Canada, British Airways, and Lufthansa (just to name a a notable few) that now refer to Taiwan as part of China. Experts and  certain unnamed airline officials are concerned that refusing the demands outright, uh, could potentially spell doom for millions in revenue. Among the remaining on the list: Air Canada, Lufthansa, British Airways, Finnair, Garuda Indonesia, Asiana Airlines, and Philippine Airlines. SAS airlines, Swissair, Malays...
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Is this the man responsible for spying on Trump ‘s campaign?

Looks like Donald Trump 's longstanding claim that someone infiltrated his campaign, ehum, may actually have some ground. Per reports,  73-year-old Stefan Halper has apparently been identified as the secret FBI informant    that Trump has long claimed spied on him illegally. Now, the Washington Post appears to have somewhat of an interesting profile on the man  allegedly responsible for the act. The Post revealed that Halper, 73,  is a "moderate Republican"  who has long standing ties to the intelligence community. A feat, ehum,  that the DOJ now says they will investigate to ensure they weren't lied to. Halper had apparently met with multiple Trump associates in 2016  in the months leading up to the election. At the time, he  allegedly failed to identify himself as a confidential FB...
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Her Royal Highness Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is now probably one of the most famous women in the world.   Her Royal Highness  married Prince Harry last night in a lavish ceremony  at Windsor Castle.  Among the guests (beyond the royal family) the couple kept to typical tradition, and, had a number of young guests aboard for the big day. But,  details aside let's discuss. Her Royal Highness Meghan, ehum, was actually born  Rachel Meghan Markle in the United States.  Although, since her debut on Suits (which is in the past now) among other shows, she, has primarily been known as simply Meghan Markle. She reportedly has a number of siblings, although, some of their relationships are believed to be frosty according to other reports and people close to HRH. She is probably most known for her previous stint on...
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All the details about Duchess Meghan’s dress, plus royal details

The latest member of the Royal Family has arrived, ehum, in the form of the lovely Duchess Meghan.   Last night at Windsor, the former American actress married  Prince Harry in a lavish ceremony (which he apparently cursed at).    Meghan, on her part,  chose a local designer who has a big history of her own. The dress, a boat-necked style  gown was designed by  none other than  Clare Waight  Keller -- the first woman to head Givenchy (as its artistic director).  In a statement,  Kensington Palace confirmed the reason for choosing Waight-Keller. "elegant aesthetic, impeccable tailoring, and relaxed demeanor." are "things that the Duchess wanted to go for and felt like Waight-Keller was the choice". Per the palace,   the two met earlier this year and quickly began  designing dress idea...
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AT&T Merger not intercepted by Donald Trump: Reports

It appears that Rudy Guliani is not only dumb, but, apparently not the world's best lawyer. Earlier this week,  Rudy claimed that Trump did indeed interfere with the proposed merger of Time Warner Cable and AT&T.   Now, Rudy has apparently back-tracked said comments citing that  Trump did not intercept the merger and had nothing to do with it not actually going through. "[Trump] did not interfere with the Justice Department going ahead with the case, which he had every right and power to do," he said, "and other presidents have done in anti-trust cases." reads a new statement from   Rudy.   According to ABC,     the news came as a surprise to others considering Trump has made  many claims about the merger on social media.    
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine saved by NBC after outrage

Brooklyn  Nine-Nine is  back, thanks in part, to the NBC Network. According to actor Terry Crews,  the original Fox show has now moved to NBC after execs decided to pick up the show. The sudden flip of broadcast networks  came after  actors of the show itself, and, its fans  decided to voice their support. Brooklyn Nine-Nine will reportedly return this fall.  In fact, NBC executives confirmed that the show is actually    produced by an NBC-owned  affiliate group (which means it involved them to begin with).
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Meghan Markle ‘s father caught selling staged photos to the paparazzi

Photographs that were even offered this very newspaper and at least four of our   competing newspapers.    Thomas Markle, who is set to walk his daughter down the aisle next Thursday -- has not publicly commented on the shocking video footage that surfaced online. First reported by The Daily Mail,   Markle, had actually shopped the now infamous photographs to a number of newspapers -- but most notably the Sunday papers.    He had apparently and allegedly visited an internet cafe  flanked by photographers, who,  were attempting to buy  the photographs for upwards of $135,000. The Mail on Sunday obtained the footage after tipsters apparently tipped off the paper that Markle has been secretly shopping around photographs and Markle family secrets for weeks.  He is slated to arrive in En...
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One actress; an NYC apartment, and one shocking fact about her rent

A fact that people are finding pretty startling.  Late actress Patricia O'Grady apparently moved into the apartment for the first time in 1955 --  with the help of three other young aspiring actresses.  For decades, she would go on to live in the apartment,  but then, it was sold in 2002 Adam Pomerantz. Here's where it  gets interesting.  Because of the fact O'Grady  moved into the apartment in 1955, Pomerantz, never actually drastically  raised her rent.   In fact, he literally raised it from $26 to $28.  "I had to consult a rent-control worksheet" Pomerantz reportedly told the New York Post (who was first to discover the shocking amount in rent). O'Grady herself died after being hit by a car near her Greenwich Vilalge home.  Meanwhile, Pomerantz is now seeking up to $5,000 a month ...
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Fatal stabbing shocks streets of Paris [Top Story]

PARIS, FRANCE -- A   terrorist apparently struck  Paris today,  literally, out of the blue.  President Emmanuel Macron announced on Twitter that "France would not cede to enemies of freedom"  meanwhile authorities were still investigating the sudden attack. Here's what we've learned.  According to authorities, an armed attacker  wielding a number of knives apparently hit a Right Bank neighborhood.      During the attack,  the man reportedly killed one and injured multiple other people. The Daily News has learned via social media that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.  
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In India, another teen is raped and terrifyingly born alive [Report]

Indian officials have confirmed that a young woman has died this week after an apparent rape  and  being burned alive.  The BBC subsequently reports that while the woman hasn't been identified, her attacker, has.   Reports indicate that the woman apparently told  her would-be husband (although she later told the man that she would not marry him)  that she would not keep quiet at the fact he had raped her. This is actually the third crime of such kind in India in less than a week.  CNN  additionally reports that  the girls' cousin had told Ravi Chadhar (her attacker) that she was home alone. Both individuals have been arrested for  the crime. Other similar crimes took place in Jharkhand, with one of the girls, 17, surviving in critical condition with burns to 70% of her body....
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Trump announces summit location; date with Kim Jong Un

U.S President Donald Trump, ehum, has officially set a date with  Kim Jong Un. According to the White House, and Trump himself,   the  much-talked-about summit will take place in Singapore on 12 June.   The news comes after several mishaps regarding the whole ordeal, mostly, because nobody was quite sure how Kim would have gotten to the discussion in Singapore. The summit will discuss everything from nuclear weapons; to a potential peace treaty, and    a conjoined Korean partnership rather than two countries torn apart. Reporting by La'Royse in New York City.
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NeNe Leakes says the “Dollar Store” keeps her rich

Apparently the Dollar Store is a place where even mega-millionaires shop. In an interview with In Style magazine,  NeNe Leakes claimed that she  indeed actually shops at such a store -- and frequently does such.    The interview, which was rather odd, came after she was apparently questioned by friends over her choices of wine glasses (and the like) at parties she often hosts. Leakes has made millions off of her business empire and appearances on numerous reality shows and guest appearances on others. But despite the fact her bank account is fat, the reality star,   apparently likes to shop frugally. “If you want some good-ass wine glasses, you go to the Dollar Store. Most wine glasses are very thin and break when you put them in the dishwasher. Well honey, the Dollar Store has got s...
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Tidal inflated streams of Beyonce albums, others in secret

Streaming service Tidal, ehum,   has some  explaining to do. According to a Norwegian newspaper,  the service "inflated the numbers of several popular albums including Beyonce's acclaimed Lemonade".   An inflation that apparently led to serious mega payouts for everybody from   Beyonce to   J-Cole. Of course, the streaming service viciously denies the claim.    The claims first arose on Wednesday after an apparent digital forensics report  surfaced in Europe that  revealed the real streaming numbers of the albums named.  The   service claims that the claims as a whole are "entirely part of a smear campaign" and nothing more than that. Beyonce herself has not publicly commented on the claims.   Sources close to Beyonce say that the   singer was not aware of the inflations, but, Jay-Z ...
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