Month: March 2018

World News

Top Story: Kim Jong Un’s secret trip to China was REAL

BEIJING --   Here's a shocker, Kim, has left the Kingdom. According to Chinese officials, all that hubbub over an apparent secret train arriving in Beijing, indeed, was the arrival of Kim Jong Un.    Officials confirmed Wednesday that Kim Jong Un arrived in the country to privately declare with China a new deal, and, to pledge to denuclearize North Korea. Analysts say that the visit appears to have been a "courtesy visit" ahead of the hotly anticipated sit-down between Kim and Donald Trump.   That particular visit, believed to be taking place in May, will be the first of its kind in history.   No North Korean leader has ever sat down with an American president before. Meanwhile,   Chinese reports say that Xi Jinping declared the talks successful, as, he had hoped to find out more abo...
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5 Fast Facts About Billionaire Heir John Paul Getty III

With the premiere   of FX's Trust, one of America's wealthiest families has been thrust back into the spotlight.      Trust surrounds the lives of the Getty Family and the aforementioned John Paul Getty --   who today have a believed net worth of $5billion. As a family,   the family's net worth and massive fortune traces back to when oil and such were a big thing in America. According to Forbes,     the family remains among the 50 wealthiest families in America.     The family's latest stint in the spotlight on FX surrounds the film  itself, and   the what was the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III.  The  abduction first occurred in 1973, but, at the time nobody really thought that it was a real thing. Here are 5 interesting facts about Getty III and the family that enshrined American...
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Here is the latest on Sergei Skripal and his daughter

LONDON --   Just a shy two weeks after the attempted murders of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, the United Kingdom, has issued a new  update on the condition of the former spies.   On Monday, Prime Minister issued a wide-ranging statement confirming that they will likely never recover from the nerve-agent attacks at the hands of Russia. The update comes as 20 countries including the United States have expelled dozens of diplomats in retaliation against  Russia for the attack.  As a result, consulates in cities like Seattle have now been closed and are flat out refusing  passport applications to those for entry into Russia and vice versa. The following statement was released by the United Kingdom and 10 Downing Street. "Sergei and his daughter, as of today, have been determine...
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4 Important Takeaways from Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes Interview

Stormy Daniels' 60 Minutes interview is certainly going to be the talk of Washington  here in a few hours. Last night, the adult-film actress and brave lady took to 60 Minutes to tell her side of the story -- and how -- Trump and associates has gone to great lengths to silence her. In the interview, Stormy revealed multiple talking points that are generating several points of interest online. In 2011,  in a Las Vegas parking lot -- Daniels was approached by a man who threatened her life and the life of her daughter if she didn't leave Trump alone. Michael Cohen is the dirtiest of lawyers probably and perhaps in the history of American law. Cohen reportedly is the reason (also confirmed by In Touch)  that the magazine did not run the original story  so many years ago.  The mag...
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Stormy Daniels says she was threatened to stay away from Donald Trump

  The Stormy Daniels  interview has officially concluded, and, it was just as interesting as one might expect.   Armed with evidence; postal packages, and more -- Stormy and her lawyer Michael  held no bar when confronted over the authenticity of their claims.  But, it wasn't the general claims that are catching attention online. It's the fact that  Trump supporters (and quite possibly  Trump 's own lawyer) knowingly threatened  Stormy several times over the years (first beginning in 2011).   At one point, also believed to be before that time,  Stormy was "threatened in the parking lot of a Las Vegas exercise class to stay away from Trump or else". That threat, perhaps,   still terrifies her today. Meanwhile,  it has also come to light just how and when she got  her hands on ...
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Police: Parents beat teen for refusing arranged marriage

DALLAS -- A once missing Texas teen has reportedly been found, ehum, thanks to the FBI. According to official, 16-year-old Maarib Al Hishmawi   was found after her refusal to take part in an arranged marriage.  FBI officials say that her parents tried to sell her off for $20,000, but, she refused the marriage and the man that tried to forcibly married her. As a result, Hishmwai was badly beaten and often subjected to such cruel and inhumane living tactics that police couldn't believe she was alive when they found her.   In probably what may be the most disturbing fact, police, say Hishmawi was also subject to being attacked with hot cooking oil (among other cooking products) for her failure and refusal to service her would-be husband. Her parents are facing some pretty serious charge...
Trump Administration

Trouble brewing in Washington for Trump ‘s already troubled legal team

Trump 's legal team, as of late, has seen more hoops than a  circus ring.  And Sunday, perhaps, was no different.  After Trump took to Twitter declaring that he was happy with "his current legal team" it was then revealed that two new names would be ushered in. Ehum, or so he thought. The Washington Post  revealed Sunday afternoon that the two names (Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing) won't quite be representing the President in the capacity he needs most: The Russian Investigation.     According to Trump 's current lawyer  Jay Sekulow,  they,  apparently have a few interesting conflicts of interest -- that -- essentially bar them from representing him during the investigation. Among them? Per the attorneys (who are also married to each other)  they represented former campaign ad...
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Things are once again looking pretty dire in Catalonia

CATALONIA, SPAIN --     Things are once again looking pretty hairy in Catalonia.  According to German authorities, the former President of Catalonia has been detained on charges related to a European arrest warrant.  Carles Puigdemont was detained along the German border after having apparently returned from a trip to Denmark. Although, one would think given that he is the subject of an international arrest warrant, one, wouldn't be dumb enough to travel internationally outside of your only safe zone. But, after Spain reissued a ruling against 20  members of the former government -- his arrest warrant became a thing again. It remains unclear as of this writing  when and if he will be forcibly returned to Spain.
World News

Wife calls husband loser, husband, viciously kills her with a hammer

In what may be one of the most gruesome murders in recent memory in Dubai, a British newspaper editor, has finally met his fate in the murder of his wife.  In July 2017, Francis Matthew (the then editor of English language Gulf News)  bludgeoned his wife Jane to death after she called him a loser -- essentially -- a loser who couldn't provide. On Saturday,    Matthew was officially sentenced to 10 years in a Dubai prison for  striking his wife twice in the back of a head with a hammer  that year.    Prosecutors say that they had gathered enough evidence to prove, ehum, that the murder was indeed premeditated.   Despite what would later be multiple claims by Matthew's attorneys otherwise. Docs show that   Jane had been upset that month due to the couple having been in severe debt, and...
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China issues chilling warning on sudden fears of trade war

BEIJING -- At  China's Development Forum for economic globalization, Chinese officials, have issued a warning to Donald Trump over the impending tariffs that he is supposedly going to sign. According to Vice Premier Han Zheng "China will take all of the necessary steps to protect its national interests"  reads a statement. The statement comes from the Development Forum, ehum, in the wake of rumored $30B tariffs that could deeply tarnish US-China trade relations.   Imports and exports like technology; certain foods,  steels,  and alloy products could all see steep price increases if China retaliates.     Trump, ehum, appears to have forgotten that a large number of popular products used in everyday American life, including his own Twitter equipped iPhone, are actually made in China. M...

Tinashe confirms she’s dating an NBA star

American pop singer Tinashe has a new boyfriend, and, that's coming from Tinashe herself.  According to the singer,  "he's like my boyfriend". That boyfriend, ehum, being Ben Simmons.  Tinashe apparently first confirmed the relationship earlier this month at a string of events, but, it wasn't until a recent NBA game that she decided to   lay it all out. Via The Daily Mail
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An O.D to Emma Gonzalez from #MarchForOurLives

Dear Emma, You don't know who I am, but, I've been watching you closely and how you've championed what has now become of the March for Our Lives protests.    My name is Khane.    I to, have lost loved ones to gun violence as a kid, and, stand with you  in full spectrum.   When I was 21, (I am now 23),  I lost one of my previous classmates (and would-be then transgender girlfriend) to gun violence.   When she was 17,  she was gunned down outside of her apartment complex, just blocks, from her school. As one of the  youngest influential publishers in America, I,  am penning this O.D to you Emma to remind you that despite what most may think of the media --  we have your back.          Nobody should be scared;  nobody should have to wonder are they going to go home tonight,  nobody....
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After #MarchforOurLives , Khane, has ordered gun videos indefinitely banned

With last weeks' re-launch of our video sharing platform,  many, were excited at the idea of being able to share their videos once again.   Just days ago,  our  assistant editors made the  announcement that gun videos (to an extent) would be allowed on the pages of our  centralized video home page. However, after  the March for Our Lives protests in New York City  Saturday,  such is no longer the case.  Khane has reversed the announcement ordering an indefinite ban on gun videos and any link to a website that promotes them.    Such links and videos are indefinitely banned  on our servers, and, users who  attempt to upload them  risk having their entire IP address and identifying information   indefinitely recorded and  barred from ever visiting these websites again. The strict policy...
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We’ve suspended four people over #MarchForOurLives

On Sunday, it, came to our attention that at least four people  we allowed to attend the March for our Lives   protests across the United States were in direct violation of our own gun policy.    Having taken flight in January, employees are banned from possessing weapons while  on duty or representing our newspaper in any format or way. In Phoenix,  two people were suspended after people sent photographs of them back to us holding AR-15 rifles.  Another in Florida was suspended after  allegedly shouting "Kill the negros"  to a group of students who were protesting.  And in Washington, another was suspended after clashing with protesters in the city over what was apparently an argument about a spot  to sit, which then,  turned to threats of gun violence. Let us take this time to remi...
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Win 5 months of Hulu on us in an exclusive competition

Spring time is here, which means, our  contest series(s) are back in action.  To kick off our   contests,  we're bringing you 5 months of Hulu on us.    The first of many contests this summer is pretty simple, and, is open to the United States and its residents age 18 and over. Contest entries must be in the form of  video skits, and,  must be comedic form.    We are looking for the 5 best videos that make us laugh (no matter the comedic form, but it must be funny).    The videos can be submitted to sk@bazaardaily.co.uk. The contest has opened as of 1:00 am EST   25 March 2018 and will close 10 April 2018.
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Unusual ruling in Russia sparks online debate

On whether or not asking for organs is indeed humane or not, or better yet, the OK to take them from someone dead.   But, this is where it gets interesting, and, rather hairy.   In documents obtained by the Associated Press,    Russia apparently has found itself in the midst of two major lawsuits related to organ donations. Yes, organ donations.   Per the documents,     relatives of recently deceased individuals in Russia have filed suit against the Kremlin  via the European Court of Human Rights.  In those suits, relatives allege that on a number of occasions -- Russia has taken organs from the dead without the knowledge or consent of their relatives. A charge, that,  Russia  denies citing that it would have been inhumane for the country to ask permission. The AP has an extensive l...
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