Month: February 2018

Gay culture

Op-Ed: Gay men need to stop demanding tops, become, versatile

Gay relationships are now more accepted than ever before in America,  which, brings the  moment  for discussion as to how they will survive -- as people continue to get into them. Particularly, gay male relationships.   Gay male relationships are probably some of the most complex (given that you know: top/bottom, preferences, etc). So, let's discuss.   Recently,  I ran into  an old friend who (I had thought was still with his partner from about two or so years ago).  Little did I know, that "Bobby"  wasn't actually with him anymore --  even though on more than one occasion they seemed absolutely perfect for each other.   I ran into Bobby for the first time in Atlanta  at an expo last weekend (in about a year or so since I had seen him). We instantly clicked.   We had so much to catch...
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There’s an active school shooting in Georgia: Happening Now

DALTON, GEORGIA - -    Bad news in Georgia today. State authorities have been on scene  of an apparent active shooting situation at Dalton High School.   Apparently a teacher at the local high school has barricaded himself in a classroom, whereas, it is believed he is armed. Per police, the scene is reportedly secure, although, they're not really sure why this even happened. "In response to a threat lockdown at Dalton High School, students are being relocated to the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center at 2211 Dug Gap Battle Road. Parents and guardians should pick up their students at that location. DO NOT go to Dalton High School," Dalton Public Schools said in a statement, per the Dalton Daily Citizen. "Student safety is always our first priority. Please be patient with us...
World News

NYC must pay 3 Muslims women $180,000 for forcing them to remove hijabs

NEW YORK -- The NYPD apparently still hasn't learned that Muslim people are  people themselves.  According to The New York Daily News,    the three women have all filed previous lawsuits dating way back to 2012.  In most of them, they all surround the 3 women and their religious garments known as the  hijab. This is where it gets interesting. A High School girl only identified as G.E   claimed in her lawsuit that "police refused"  to let her be photographed with her hijab,   and, that they  had made her "feel uncomfortable" because they had attempted to force her to be photographed by males. This is where the issue began.  At least 2 other major lawsuits were brought against the NYPD for almost identical issues.
Fresh News

Noella Fe Says…. Why Not an HBCU?

 Why don't African Americans send their children to HBCUs? This article has been written a thousand times over. At the very moment of editing, floods of tweets came in from the students at Hampton University. The outrage came after the Town Hall's yearly meeting. So many tweets of tired students not getting the attention needed to address issues within the student body and campus as a whole poured all over twitter. I felt lifted uncannily. I wasn't sure if it was the passion in which the students held for their school, or if it was the drive they carried to improve campus life at Hampton. All colleges go thru some problems and understand that many HBCU's just don't have the money to cover up the mishandlings. Hampton isn't the only school going thru rough patches but is enough that black ...
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Contract given to Melania Trump ‘s private adviser sacked

After a New York Times report revealed that the woman and her company actually received upwards of $25m  for pretty much no reason. In the original New York Times report,  the Times managed to get their hands on inauguration documents that revealed the Trump campaign mismanaged millions of dollars in order to give it to a pal of Melania's. This is where it gets interesting, and, watch-dogs may actually get involved here.   The woman behind the firm has  been identified as Stephanie Winston  Wolkoff, who,    runs the now infamous  WIS Media Partners. Trump 's inaugural committee apparently raked in more than $107m during his inauguration period.   Of that, 4  event planning firms raked in enormous chunks of money.  WIS being the one that  raked in the most, and now, has caused more is...
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An urgent health warning for New York City residents

NEW YORK -- This is an urgent health warning to New York City residents.  The New York City Department of Health has issued a warning following a confirmation  about a case of the measles.   Officials tell The Daily News that an Australian tourist  checked into the hospital after 10 days of roaming around New York City with a bad case of the measles.  He visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art;  several train stations, and various other parts of the city.   Residents are advised to avoid touching anything in public, and,  if you are sick in any way please wear some form of a face mask. Measles are highly contagious and can be deadly for children. If you  or someone you know may have symptoms of the measles, call emergency services immediately. Measles of the Symptoms: Sudden fev...
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A note regarding our new subscription service

While we have received mixed feedback regarding our new subscription option, we, have not made it mandatory.   We are an ad-supported newspaper read by  people from all over the world, therefore, advertising revenue is important to us to allow us to grow and make this paper better than before. By disabling your ad-blocker (specifically for our domain)   that permits users to  go back to normal and proceed reading. If you'd like to donate:  E-mail sk@bazaardaily.co.uk for instructions.   As always, those who donate and or subscribe get ad-free access.    Ads disappear for users who subscribe through our third-party service Pelcro, which, is safe and SSL secured for all transactions.
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Impeachment Talk Ticking Up In The U.S

Most assume, probably correctly, that President Trump will never be impeached while the Republican Party controls all branches of the American government. Or at least there would have to be an extraordinarily damning turn of events to make it happen. However, with Democrats expecting to win back the house   (and possibly the Senate),   in races that will be decided later this year, it’s worth noting that talk of impeachment appears to be ticking up ever so slightly. This is a topic that, when Trump first took office, was popular enough that even major betting and gaming firms were placing semi-favorable odds on it. Just after the inauguration in January of 2017 one site noted that  odds of impeachment weren’t necessarily strong. But were definitely higher than betting on the impeachm...
Fresh News

Safaree is suddenly trending on the internet again

And, fortunately for eagle eyed Twitter users ---  The Daily Fix has the answer as to why (we can't show it here). Safaree apparently is actually the reason Nicki Minaj had 12 different personalities, and, we're safely going to assume this is why  her alter ego Roman was even born. View the ehum stuff over on The Daily Fix 

Sridevi is dead at age 54

DUBAI --  Troubling news for Bollywood film fans.  Bollywood legend Sridevi, 54, has died according to the Indian Express and her brother. According to the Express,  Sredevi died due to cardiac arrest while in Dubai.  She had reportedly been in the country for a wedding for a relative. The news was confirmed by Sridevi 's family.    Sridevi was perhaps best known for her unusually long Bollywood career in a field notably dominated by men. The leading lady of Bollywood throughout the ladder half of the 20th century,   Sridevi would go on to become one of India's best actresses in history.  
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The Israeli Navy has killed a Palestinian citizen

ISRAEL --    Bad news off the Gaza Coast this weekend, ehum, as Israeli forces have confirmed to The Daily News that they've killed  a Palestinian fisherman.   The military says that they   discovered a Palestine boat  going a little  farther than they were allowed into Israeli waters, as a result, one man aboard the boat has died. Navy officials say that  they can't release much more than that at this time, but, we were able to confirm that at least one other occupant of the boat was arrested for questioning.   The Navy reportedly fired several warning shots, and, attempted to heed the boat before it formally opened fire.
World News

Turpins face horrific new charges in jaw dropping child abuse case

A while back, news of the Turpin family and their California House of Horrors made international headlines. Now,  David and his wife are back in the news as they now reportedly face a host of new charges related to the abduction and kidnapping of all 13 of their children. In court documents obtained by The Daily News,    three new charges were filed Friday against David and Louise Turpin -- citing  the horrific child abuse and intentional starvation of their children.  Per the documents, the charges are because of an ongoing investigation into the Turpin family and their horrific house of horrors.    The Turpin 's rose to infamy after a child escaped from their home last month after more than a year in captivity. Police say that as of this point, they, have had quite the journey tryi...

The 10 Most Murder Prone U.S Cities Of 2018

It's most certainly not a feat anyone wants to claim, let alone, a U.S city. But, unfortunately for these 10  cities -- the title comes whether they want it or not. Compiled through national crime reports in the U.S, 24/7 Wall Street compiled the startling report -- and the results really aren't that surprising. 10. North Charleston, SC; 29 per 100,000 9. Memphis, Tenn.; 29.9 per 100,000 8. Orlando, Fla.; 30.2 per 100,000 7. Jackson, Miss.; 34.1 per 100,000 6. Cleveland; 35 per 100,000   Read the link above for the top 5 cities in America most murder prone.
Trump Administration

Surprise! A large number of Americans are actually supporting arming teachers

Arming teachers has been the discussion of the year in America so far, and per a poll, many Americans are apparently on board with the controversial idea. In a poll conducted by The Washington Post,  over half-of-all  legal age Americans do indeed oppose the idea. But,  the other part not so much. In no surprise, Republicans support the idea as they are largely the biggest base of pro-NRA/gun wielders in the United States.  Also on the board, are Independent voters, who, also largely support the idea -- although it remains a bad one. As it has been pointed out several times before, even a good guy with a gun, can't actually stop a mass shooting (and even sometimes, they're the cause of them).  Arming teachers to the teeth with guns, or, ("suggesting that they get a bonus for c...
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Trump toying with the idea of reopening older mental hospitals

Insane asylums haven't  actually been a thing since the days of Marilyn Monroe 's own mother, ehum, when she was committed due to severe mental illness. But, if Trump has his way,  asylums may soon make a big comeback -- and it could prove to be extremely beneficial to America. During a town-hall discussion with politicians and law enforcement officers, (see here), Trump touted the idea as possibly "a partial fix to the growing mental illness issue in the United States". For the first time, critics, are actually in  agreement with something Trump has said.   Institutions were a big thing from about 1900-1955.  By the mid 1950's, ehum, they sort of underwent this period of "de-institutionalization" that left more than 560,000 mentally ill people without the help they desperately neede...
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