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80% of America is still buzzing over The Grammys, you can go on any social media platform to get the moments or thrills your eyes or ears might have missed. Our pens are glued to the pad over here at Bazaar Daily. The only thing we still discussing is that promo for Celebrity Big Brother! (blinks eyelashes really fast) OH! YOU SAW IT! Did Omarosa make a jaw dropping entrance back into reality t.v or what? Say what you want but the woman makes major moves. At a time where things are so racially charged, is no one going to commend her for being the only black person in the Trump's administration? Just asking for a friend. It should have been celebrated especially due to the fact that she was booted out from her gig as Director of Communications in the office of Public Liaison just after a...
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Sleep Easy Coyote: R.I.P. Mark Salling

On this day glee fans all over the world are shocked and saddened by the passing of an all american star; Mark Salling. Salling born in Dallas, Texas on Aug 17th 1982 , passed this morning due to an apparent suicide. Tipped by a phone call to do a welfare check LAPD went to check on the glee star. TMZ broke the news around 10:45 am. Found in a baseball park close to his home hanging from a tree, Mark must have decided that he couldn’t face the burden he was to bear for the next 7 years. “PUCK” as known on the hit show Glee, was the character that Mark played for 6 seasons. He was an aspiring actor that was made an international star. With a passion for music he started a project with a fellow friend called "Camp Coyote" a mix of comedy and music and was touring. Then, BOOM, Things took ...
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Harrowing details behind a gay Toronto serial killer’s reign of terror

This article contains harrowing information about a gay serial killer in Toronto who intentionally targeted innocent gay men through apps like Grindr and such. Please, if you use these apps, protect yourself and be safe. The serial killer, per the Daily Mail, was identified as Bruce McArthur, 66, who was charged with three more additional murders on Monday in Toronto.  Of the latest three murders, those have been identified as:  Majeed Kayhan, 58, Soroush Marmudi, 50, and Dean Lisowick, 47. The charges first reportedly  came after forensic investigators were able to tie evidence together and discovered dismembered remains in a nearby home in Leaside.   That home, apparently, had a connection to McArthur. McArthur was first charged with first-degree murder(s) earlier this month in t...
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Gram slam

Gram Slam: Oh what a night It’s not time for the NBA but there were some major dunks at the 60th annual grammy awards. Now for the sake of pure love, we didn’t know which to cover the actual grammys or or (drum roll please) Uncle Jay Z's “Roc Nation Brunch” I mean did Mrs. Bey not slay? Sips cup, Do we know if Uncle Kanye was in the building? Yes so many things to go over and with me as your writer , things are going to go pretty fast, I mean even faster than the switch up Miley Cyrus gave us, doing simple black Jean Paul Gaultier black jumpsuit. Lord knows we were proud parents over here at Bazaar Daily. We wouldn’t been right if the disney princess would have showed out and showed up in one of her usuals. Maybe she has a boyfriend now. Either way we loved the simplicity paired with...

The almost sudden-death that could have halted production of The Crown

Mostly, because, without Claire Foy that show would have been pretty much nothing. In an interview with The Daily Mail,  Foy, revealed that during filming for the 2nd season of Netflix's The Crown -- her husband quietly underwent a scary surgery for a brain tumor. Her hubby Stephen Campbell, at the end of 2016, was diagnosed with a pretty serious brain tumor that required immediate attention. 'My daughter didn't know what was going on at all', she told The Sun, continuing: 'But my family did and I could see it in them.' 'You realise you're not the most important person anymore,' she added sombrely. Foy left Netflix's The Crown just after season 2 right along with much of the original viewership Netflix retained during the first said two seasons.
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Kim Kardashian, darling, you are not black

Kim Kardashian, 37,    probably should have learned years ago that she isn't black.   But,  time and time again,  the  culture-vulture herself   is back again  stealing cultural  beauty tips and making them her own.  In new Snapchat selfies, the Armenian beauty queen,  ehum, yeah.
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California woman sues Wal-Mart for an unusually interesting reason

Because, strangely,     products marketed to black people are under heavier security measures in the store in her city --  but products for white folks are not.   Per The Mail Online, the woman has been identified as Mrs Gundy. We're going to have to side with Mrs Gundy on this one.   Gundy,  released a video of her local Wal-Mart in Perrie California. In that Wal-Mart, nearly all  black-oriented cosmetic products are locked up behind a glass case. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5318623/California-woman-sues-Walmart-segreated-black-products.html#v-2718646401342223017 In case it couldn't get anymore interesting, The Daily News phoned Wal-Mart when we heard about this story.  The response we got, ehum,  was interesting to say the least. "Wal-Mart takes inclusion and dive...

Sinclaire Bergdorf: Here’s What I got in my Grammy’s Goodie Bag

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend the Grammy Awards in New York City, after, a sudden pull-out of attendance by our Editor in Chief Khane.   For the occasion, I opted to wear a custom Versace gown and Alexander McQueen heels. A mfin  Bronx girl's dream came true tonight ya'll. A   black girl from the hood has risen to the top clad in Versace  inches from Beyonce & Jay-Z.  I will never forget this night. But, outfit aside,  I had no idea that these damn goodie bags were so lit.   I've a Liq Lab sub; a Marijuana club sub,  more chocolate and chocolate candy bars than I know what to do with,  and (a brand of coffee literally called Bulletproof). I'm definitely not sure why, but,  this goodie bag is hella worth more money than most people make in a year.  My fav part though...
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Argument over the definition of “Meatballs” turns seriously amusing

Apparently a case of government corruption, ehum,   hinges on  an argument over what exactly the definition of "Meatballs" is. No, joke. A Pennsylvania courtroom turned rather amusing this weekend after a pretrial hearing regarding government corruption  kicked off.  The New York Times reports that former Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski is on trial for apparently accepting $150,000 in campaign donations in exchange for city contracts. Pawlowski apparently accepted the donations (or, ehum, bribes) in exchange for the money.  Although, it took prosecutors a bit to actually find out what he had done.   This is where it gets interesting, and ,rather amusing. Pawlowski apparently was caught by federal authorities  after the feds had actually  wiretapped cell phones and such belonging to his...

Sultan Khane ‘s annual mega birthday bash has been cancelled

NEW YORK --  It is with our sincerest apologies that we now have to confirm that Sultan Khane's annual mega birthday bash in New York City has been cancelled.   The annual party, which usually takes place spanning 7 blocks in Times Square (*across multiple venues*)  was set to take place  beginning Wednesday and ending Friday. Khane will not be hosting any form of a party, and, has asked those who planned attendance to please refrain from  the usual sending of any gifts online and or digital gift cards. This is the only time that we will address this.  Refunds for the tickets purchased will go out this week.
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Report: Trump tried to discredit potential FBI witnesses

It's Saturday morning, and,  because it's another day, that means there's another damning report out on Donald Trump.  According to Foreign Policy, the controversy now surrounds an apparent  mission by Trump to discredit three top-and-key witnesses that are about to be used in Robert Mueller's final Russian conclusion. The magazine notes that Trump apparently  enlisted the help of top aides and benefactors last year when he first learned that Mueller was investigating him for obstruction of justice, an offense, that could and is lawfully capable of removing him from office. The same report claims that Trump 's fears "grew"  at that time,  and,  are partially what led to the firing of John Dowd -- a high powered criminal defense attorney who had been tasked with representing the Presi...
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