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Israel braces for war as Trump violates foreign policy naming new capital

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The old city of Jerusalem is pictured.

ISRAEL —  In a move that has already sparked protests, Israeli forces, are preparing for the worst: yet another Arab-Israeli war that could be the deadliest in history.   This week,  Donald Trump, declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel, breaking with decades of foreign policy.

The move is expected to be delayed briefly, however, this means that the Embassy will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Arab leaders across the spectrum have largely downplayed the move, mostly,  comparing it to acts of treason.

In 1995,  then U.S president Bill Clinton enacted a law that would require such to happen and the Embassy be moved to Jerusalem. But,  due to national security concerns (among other things)  the move was delayed due to a presidential  waiver ever since.  Palestine’s envoy reportedly told the BBC that “this is a declaration of war” and any hopes of “peace between the two regions is officially gone”.


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