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Molly Ringwald: I have also had my own Harvey Weinstein like men in Hollywood

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The  sexual assault stories are probably going to continue for some time.  90’s icon Molly Ringwald is the latest star to reveal her own past with sexual assault, and, with several people similar to Harvey Weinstein.

In columns for the New Yorker,  Ringwald opened up about sexual abuse in Hollywood even a few cases she’s faced on her own.  Beginning at the age of 13,  Ringwald, recounted when one Hollywood hot shot pushed up against her with an erection.. While another tried to force her to put a dog collar around her neck as she got older for a movie script — but it wasn’t in the script.

“It made no sense to the movie script”  Ringwald noted in her column.   Meanwhile,   Reese Witherspoon has also come forth with her own sexual abuse story at the age of 16.

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