This is  a three-part exclusive investigation as ordered by Sultan Khane and our own private investigators.  For the past several weeks, we, have been investigating Shanobia Robinson and many of the false claims she has made against Mystikal — that have now landed the rapper and singer in jail. Along with his  band mate, Lil Hood. 

Shanobia Robinson, then Dilligard is pictured with one of the children it is believed she tried to burn using a sink in her home. Mandatory Photo Credit: The Daily News

First, let’s begin. Shanobia Robinson is a known and documented liar.  In 2006; 2007, and 2008,  she had severe issues with CPS and the law in Texas that resulted in her being placed under  law enforcement’s watch.   So, you say? Let’s dig in.

She was born Shanobia Elaine Robinson, but then, married into the Dilligard family. We’ll get more into that later. 

Beginning around that time, Shanobia,  who was then believed to be working as an exotic dancer (also allegedly the partial owner or employee of a reported adult video store in Killeen, we’ll get to that later)  tried to “intentionally and maliciously badly burn both of her children using a sink inside of her home instead of an actual bath tub”. The result? Robinson would go on to lose both of her children to CPS over serious neglect and child abuse charges.  Those charges still haunt her to this day.

[Sidenote: It is also believed that around this time Shanobia was an exotic dancer of some sorts.   I have, at the behest of my editors, sent in “the dogs” to Killeen to find someone who knew this woman during this time period.  So far, we believe we have encountered at least two people. I am working on a positive ID for her exotic identity].

She is tied to an adult video store by the name of XYZ video in Killeen.  The same business is registered to an address we’ve uncovered as having been previously occupied by  Shanobia and multiple people.

This is where I am obligated to disclose that we are shelling out big bucks to stop Shanobia Robinson in her tracks.

She would never get those children back.   As the years would progress,  Robinson — would be  arrested for possession of drugs; assault, domestic assault, prostitution,  and loitering.   All of which nearly all took place in the state of Texas.  She would be in jail for most of the time, up until,  she would go to a Hurricane Chris concert (throwback, I know)  at the time.  This,  was where the now infamous “rape lie” would occur that Robinson  placed against an associate of Hurricane Chris. 

Two years before such, a woman matching Shanobia’s description surfaced in police reports accusing Hurricane Chris’s DJ of rape.  But, as that link shows, in 2009,  it would be determined that the entire allegation was a lie — and that it never happened. 

The Hurricane Chris DJ false rape story.

In 2007, DJ Hollywood Bay Bay was arrested and charged with one count of rape and intimidation of a witness.   That witness, perhaps, being Shanobia Robinson. Using police reports,    we managed to piece together a description of the then victim to match that of Shanobia Robinson — literally in the same city down to practically the same side of town and blocks away from the modern venue from the past venue.

At the time,  per police reports,    Robinson  “claimed to have been raped inside of Bay Bay’s prominent club and was left on the floor unconscious and plied with drugs”.  All of which would come out to be untrue.    Police reports show that “Jane Doe” (which is actually Robinson/Dilligard)   claimed that she was raped on a couch inside the club, where,  she then claimed that Bay Bay forced her into a room and then raped her eventually leaving her on the floor halfway clothed.

Little did she know,   there were plenty of witnesses as to Bay Bay’s actual whereabouts which didn’t in any w ay match her story.   Eventually,  Bay Bay, however, would be charged. Shreveport authorities would attempt to hold  Bay Bay in prison until trial that year.  Fast forward to 2009, confirmed at the time,  that Bay Bay’s charges had been dropped and that DNA evidence in the case never actually  matched. Essentially,  bringing the case to a screeching halt.

Shanobia, would then disappear for several years.

Time as a prostitute

Between 2009-2011,  we uncovered information lending credence  to the rumor that Shanobia indeed worked as a prostitute for a  pimp by the name of Sugar Ray.   At the time, this was shortly after  Shanobia lost both of her children and had a short stint on drugs.   She reportedly met Sugar Ray in the Fall of 2009, shortly before it emerged that she had lied about being aped by DJ Bay Bay during a private concert in Shreveport two years earlier.

Part 2 of our investigation into Shanobia Robinson will air this weekend as we continue to unearth troubling information about the woman behind yet one of the 2nd biggest notorious scams in modern  hip-hop.

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