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A damning expose on Misty Copsey ‘s killer Rhueban Schmidt

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I hold no regrets for publishing this Rhueban. You are largely a big part of the reason our family fell apart. Here, he is pictured in one of his many mugshots.

This is the second part in a string of disclosures that I am disclosing to the public for the first time.  Beginning last December, I  decided to hit the keyboard and reveal to the world that I am indeed Rhueban Schmidt’s nephew.   A man who has thrice been accused of rape;  threatening  to have his own wife raped and beaten, and notoriously accused of raping one of Misty’s own friends. 

While nobody has forced me to disclose this information, I, am choosing to disclose this information in the midst of pressure from several people to sit down with detectives. 

I’m choosing to disclose these in this very newspaper because this newspaper is being watched by the Puyallup Police Department. I know this because the Puyallup Police Department has personally sent me Facebook messages asking me to agree to questioning over my uncle.  I have distanced myself from the bat-shit crazy family Rhueban belongs to. Now,  I’m telling the world why.  Over the past month-and-a-half or so, my editors, have fielded more than 7 attempts by police detectives to track me down to speak to me once more about the man I call uncle, but the same man, I stay away from due to his dark past.

Let it be known that the entire reason I  have eluded the police, sits, solely at the fact that they tried to brush this information under the rug the first time.   Rhueban, in 1996,  was accused and would be questioned over the never-reported or documented rape of Misty’s  friend.   The Puyallup Police Department, for whatever reason, never actually documented this situation.  The record doesn’t show up in any of their files.  This was also previously public knowledge, but,  would not actually ever make it into the Puyallup PD’s files.

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This was the first connection I placed to Rhueban and Misty. 

I’ve known for at least a decade or so that my uncle was a rapist.  It became knowledge to me when I was about 12-13 or so, after, a comment was made to me in the kitchen of my mother’s Puyallup home.  It was the first time that I had learned that not only was another uncle (whom I won’t publicly name) a sexual deviant, but, Rhueban was also.   It was also the same night that my parents had told me the real reason they had kept me and my brother away from Rhueban for most of my childhood.

The same rape he would be accused of, conveniently, was dropped in February 1996.  Just shortly after my family gave him an ultimatum. Clean up your act, or, you will never see the children in this family ever again.  A feat, he, perhaps, would never actually accomplish and the exiling of Rhueban would continue.  My grandmother having been aware of the issues,  did by all means, what she could do to help make them go away.  This would ultimately lead to what would be the departure and separation of many of my family members — who — to this very day no longer speak because of the many cover-ups that took place.

I wouldn’t actually learn of the identity of the victim or anything about Misty herself until I turned about 20 or so. It became a living nightmare, a moment, I had never thought would come.  Opening my e-mail inbox, to,  discover a criminal background search finally came back on my uncle done out of my own curiosity. It would turn up the very same sexual assault/rape that my parents spoke of, but, never elaborated on.

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But, it would turn up so much more.  Over the next several years, after the rape,   Rhueban would go on to be accused and convicted of second degree theft in 2000.  At this point in time, Rhueban, had almost entirely been exiled from my family.   My late grandmother, Olia,  hated the fact that one of her own was a known  predator, and, a convict.  It runs in my family.

In fact, Rhueban’s antics throughout much of the 1990’s were heavily influenced by those within his family.  Sisters notoriously writing fake checks (two spent time in prison); a brother who is in federal prison for life, a younger sister who now claims to be a reformed convict, it goes on.  So, in a perspective, Rhueban’s criminal behavior throughout much of the 1990’s wasn’t all that different to those around him.

Around the same time of his second degree theft conviction, it, also became knowledge within my family that he was  verbally abusive and predator-like towards his wife.  A Pierce County police report surfaced within the gauntlets of our family at the time, that, would also assist the elders of our family exiling Rhueban entirely.

It went something like this… (dating back as early as 2006, my uncle was still largely but quietly considered a person of interest in accordance with the Puyallup Police Department..).

In 2006, that same year,   domestic violence orders would surface in Tacoma.   Rose  Tuskey-Schmidt,  Rhueban’s wife,  filed numerous reports and incident complaints against Rhueban after he threatened to turn violent if she had ever had him served in any form.   She eventually did.

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This is where Rhueban turned violent.    I remember that year my aunt had told me that Rhueban was “going through some things”  and that he would be going away for a while.  While I won’t mention which aunt told me that, I, can say that she was right. Rhueban would briefly disappear for a while, while, Rose and his three children remained deeply hidden from practically everybody. 

That particular year, actually that Fall, would from what I remember be one of the last times I had ever seen anything of Rhueban or his family (until 10 years later when his sister got married).

I am fully aware of the danger that these disclosures put me in. For that reason, I, have not disclosed to my family nor anyone for that matter where I actually live or reside.  The next disclosure is  to be published on Saturday 14 October 2017 after a private meeting with my legal counsel regarding what I can and cannot legally disclose without pushback from the law.



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