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How America became responsible for the rise of popular terrorism

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This is an article published in the Daily News in part and cooperation with numerous historical records;  agencies,   and witness statements from Arab-Muslim individuals who have lost everything they’ve known because of America. 

It isn’t just in movies,  the American government, has long aligned itself with terrorist groups and the like since at least the beginning of the Cold War era.  Consider it, a form of mutual advancement for the Americans, a fact that can’t be denied given the US’s troubled history around the world.  Historians who worked with The Daily News on this project, say, the United States growing love-affair with terrorism dates back to at least the early 1960’s — since the days of Ronald Reagan.

Beginning in the 1970’s,   which could be accounted as the early days of the Muslim Brotherhood,  the United States used such a group to thwart the rise of certain ideologies they felt didn’t need to rise.  Almost as if the oil-rich Middle East belonged to them, and, they were going to dominate the region with their societal beliefs and religion one way or another.

Around the same time, and over the next decade or so,  it became public knowledge in the Arab world that the U.S supported  Sarekat Islam against Sukarno in Indonesia, and supported the Jamaat-e-Islami terror group against Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in Pakistan. Two terror groups that they previously denied having any connection to when terrorism first really sprung up in the late 1980 ‘s and 1990’s.

For decades,  the Arab world has known that what America fears most is the influence Iran holds over the Middle East rather than the influence America wants to hold over the Middle East.  Frankly, a terrifying thought to say the least, considering the American government has long had blood on its hands for much of its existence in our modern world.

Lest, it also be remembered just how extensive the Americans went to extend their strong-arm into terrorism.  Beginning in 1980,  former British officials  revealed to the House of Commons that  America had used its CIA organization to “help with their attempts to assert themselves in the world of terrorism” and therefore helped with the rise of Osama Bin Laden.  Bin Laden, was once a nobody in the “terrorism business”.

But,  with the help of the Americans and “Al-Qaeda”  Osama became one of the deadliest people on earth within a few years time. This could be accounted to the fact that (fun fact: Al-Qaeda actually means the database) the CIA knowingly trained Islamic terrorists and such throughout much of the next decade at the time.

Originally, it has long been thought and argued that the database consisted of terrorists  from all over the world that were trained by the CIA and then sent into Afghanistan to help fight against Russia.  A fight, that was largely orchestrated by America and should have probably never actually happened.

This is where the relationship America has with terrorism could either be considered a love-affair or a bitter modern divorce tragedy waiting to happen.    America’s dependency on terrorism or a particular terror group, depends, solely on how that terror group cooperates and listens to commands and orders given by the Americans or the Central Intelligence Agency — a feat America strongly denies but refuses to acknowledge even when confronted with strong historical elements about its activities throughout the decades.

It’s further no secret that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was entirely orchestrated by America and its military. It was nothing more than a front to remove  a once prominent and relatively normal Sunni society and replace it with a predominately Shiite society backed by the U.S government and its intelligence services.   The society swap, arguably, could be  accounted to what would assist the rise of terrorist groups and the origination of Al-Qaeda.

According to the Center for Public Integrity, some 70+  American companies have all / Was there won various types of billion dollar contracts over the past four years in post war Afghanistan and Iraq.    These contracts respectively total more than $27billion and counting.  But, again, American  officials maintain that they have no idea where terrorism comes from — and — that they have had nothing to do with the trouble in the Middle East.

One of the most famous lies the Americans have ever told. 

But then one must think about the motives behind the Americans arming the rebels in Syria; continuing sanctions on Iran, their troubled within Hamas, and other particularly pertinent issues close to the Middle East.  America’s thirst for the Middle East sits within their greed for oil, and, control over much of the modern Arab World.  It’s no wonder America continues to strike Syria while sanctioning Iran, but,  behind-the-scenes they’re doing such to weaken Israel and its neighboring enemies.

This expose is Part 1 in our new series investigating how America’s dark CIA funded programs have largely accounted for terrorism in multiple parts of the world.   Contact the editor [email protected] 

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