Clients are finally turning on Lisa Bloom, for all of the right reasons

Disgraced feminist attorney Lisa Bloom is pictured.
Disgraced feminist attorney Lisa Bloom is pictured.

If you ask anyone with a conscious and two moving thumbs to access some sort of electronic device — they probably know who Lisa Bloom is.     Lisa Bloom, she’s almost like that elephant in the room; the random aunt that shows up uninvited to your mother’s wedding insisting she’s only there for morale support.

But at any rate, still remains there.   According to reports,  clients are now “turning on Bloom in droves” because some are claiming that “defending Harvey Weinstein has damaged the Bloom brand forever”.  “There’s no coming back from that” says one source.

Apart from additional reports,  Bloom,   apparently first lost her credibility in the beginning when the allegations first came out. The Daily Beast  notes  that the problem first came when  Bloom called Ronan Farrow when he first went public with his story, claiming, that she could  provide damning info on Rose McGowan (Weinstein’s, well one of his, first A-List accusers).

Lisa Bloom did not want to talk to The Daily News when contacted by us.

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