Ashley Judd explains in interview how she evaded Harvey Weinstein in that hotel room

Ashley Judd, one of the first high profile female stars to accuse Weinstein, has come forth revealing details on how she evaded Harvey Weinstein in that hotel room some 20 years ago.   Judd, notoriously first revealed Weinstein’s lewd behavior on her own accord several years ago — but  it recently only came to light after a string of horrific allegations.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer Judd revealed that she “made a deal” that it would only ever happen between the two if she actually won an Oscar (not become nominated, but, actually win)  in one of his movies. Weinstein, allegedly tried to barter the deal  down to a nomination but that didn’t work.

Judd’s story comes on the heels of Weinstein reportedly suing the Weinstein Company for access to his employment records and e-mail accounts (that uh, per sources) he claims may contain information that could help him in regards to the allegations.

Weinstein has not publicly commented on Judd’s interview yet.


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