NAACP issues national travel advisory in America for African Americans

An American Airlines flight carrier is pictured.
An American Airlines flight carrier is pictured.

The NAACP is intervening in what has become a growing problem with American  Airlines: injustices in the sky for those who are minorities.  This week, the NAACP issued a national travel advisory for African Americans and minorities — as — they’ve managed to discover an even further reason why they did such.   The announcement originally was thought to have come after a string of recent incidents in which saw minorities, essentially, be mistreated or entirely get kicked off of planes for no real reason.

The goal of the advisory is to ‘educate people; minorities, and communities”  about the concerns that we must “face while aboard American Airlines flights”.  Most recently, the warning appears to have been born out of a controversy involving a pregnant Pakistani woman; an allergen to dogs, and being drug off of one of their planes.  The airline maintains that they’re committed to a non-discriminatory envrionment.

Now, it has become so much more.    People from all walks of life, perhaps, have taken to social media to share their horrific stories of discrimination and harassment on board AA flights.    One of those, being,  our own SHK, who was illegally flagged as a potential terrorist after an American Airlines flight attendant reported him to authorities earlier this year ‘because he was wearing a hoodie; looked suspicious, and was quiet”.  SHK, whose first name is Mohammed, is notoriously quiet and often keeps to himself.


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