2 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is a woman of many wonders, including, her vast real estate and wealth portfolio (which is, per reports,  somewhere north of $17billion in total  valuation).   The Daily News decided to dig deep into the monarch’s real estate  activities, and, found some interesting pieces of information.

  1. She owns quite a bit of land and property.

Everything from high-street stores;  department venues,  several palaces,  and …. even… a Mcdonalds. You read that right. According to property records for the Queen’s Crown Estate, she, owns a Mcdonalds and has for at least some time.

2.  Where is this infamous Mcdonalds?

According to our sleuths,  this  location is located in the Banbury Shopping Centre in Oxfordshire England.  All of the land and the shopping centre in which this location is inside of remains owned by the Queen and the Crown Estate.

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