Wendy Williams “fires” entire staff for reportedly leaking husband’s cheating story

There’s trouble brewing at the Wendy Williams show.  The Jasmine Brand is on the case this week after they managed to uncover (along with partial assistance from The Daily Mail) that Wendy herself has fired a number of her top-level staffers.  The site claims that William’s fired a number of her staffers after she “independently discovered” that they were behind the story about her husband cheating.

While such remains unconfirmed,   The Daily News, however, has on our own confirmed that at least one person was fired (a producer).  We were not able to independently confirm the firings of anybody else.   Sources apparently claimed to The Jasmine Brand that the firings occurred over the weekend, leaving,  Wendy in a tight spot for new staff members.

Calls to Wendy Williams were directed to voicemail.

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