Trump to greenlight release of entire file on JFK

In an interesting move, that, is apparently keeping true to a promise made more than two decades ago. According to The Washington Post,   US President Donald Trump will release (in what capacity, that remains unknown) the remaining secret files on the assassination of John F. Kennedy.   The files have been sealed and under government and intelligence wraps since 1963, just, a mere few hours after the assassination occurred.

Trump, tweeted over the weekend that he would allow their release.  Now, he would technically have the power to make such happen (presumably on the 26th of October deadline) because it was previously stipulated that they be released on that day. According to additional government officials,   Trump, is the only person who has the authority to rescind that order and keep the files private if he chooses. Meanwhile, intelligence suits are worried that releasing those files could expose spies still deeply under cover from the 1990’s.

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