Source: Girl who claims The Game got her pregnant, may be lying

LONDON —    Word on this side of the pond, is, that the young woman who claims that American rapper The Game got her pregnant — is flat out lying.  Sources in the city say that the girl, whom we won’t name,  isn’t actually pregnant — but her mother recently was.   On Thursday,  sources stopped by our office in London to discuss the hot-button topic floating among hip-hop blogs across the globe.

“She’s definitely lying.  She’s looking for a quick payout, and, knew that she could use her mother’s actual pregnancy to do so.   Yes, she was at  an overage club, which she is dealing with authorities about that whole thing — but she’s definitely not pregnant. At least, uh, not by the Game” the source told us Thursday.

We have indeed managed to track down the girl, but, due to her age and UK law we are not permitted to publish pictures of an underage minor without parental consent. However, we can confirm it does not appear that she is pregnant.

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