Rhueban Schmidt ‘s family threatens The Daily News over Misty Copsey story

On 17 October 2017, The Daily News received numerous e-mails and blocked phone calls from several people claiming to be related to Rhueban Schmidt.   In each of the communications, we, were subjected to “death threats” and claims that “we had no right to unravel the death of Misty Copsey”. 

It must be noted that the original story published earlier this month was published as an op-ed. The story was sold to The Daily News by SHK, who,  no longer  writes for this newspaper full-time.  Under terms of publishing rights, we bought the rights to cover the murderous headlines in the death of Misty Copsey. 

While we haven’t reported the communications to law enforcement, we, will continue to air them out in this newspaper.  We  have all the legal rights to continue to publish this story, and, will continue to do so under the current laws of the jurisdiction we are in: the United Kingdom.

All of the information we have released thus far can be found in police reports and witness statements dating back to 1992.  The personal information about Rhueban Schmidt can be found in court documents unsealed by a Freedom of Information Act request completed by The Daily News in Tacoma Washington earlier this month as we have reporters on ground.


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