Here’s the skinny on The Game ‘s underage alleged baby mama

And by alleged, uh, we mean entirely fabricated in a young girl’s mind.  The Daily News uncovered this evening troves of information regarding the girl (whom, in accordance with the law, we cannot publicly name by her actual name).   For those reasons, throughout much of this article,  we will call her “Jane”.

In the U.K it is illegal to publicly name an underage minor in the papers.   This is why photos of children are often blurred out in national U.K publications. 

First up — The Timeline

The Daily News has learned that it appears that The Game was not actually in London during the time in which would have been appropriate for this baby to have been conceived.    Secondary school records show that ‘Jane’ was actually on winter break with her family (in the U.K, we have this thing called holiday during that time of the year).  Records show that they were not in the country, and, her parents had informed  her school that they were leaving.

Also in that same sense, the young woman, is actually only 15-years-old.   In the U.K,  because of her age, had she actually given birth to a child it would have been reported to police.   Underage pregnancies are automatically considered sexual assault, and, therefore, The Scotland Yard or the Metropolitan Police would have been involved.     Police officials who spoke to The Daily News told The Daily News that “We have no record of a police report ever having been filed for this young woman”.

Translation: It never happened. Given that The Game is benching 40,  Metropolitan Police would have immediately gotten involved.  They never did, and, are unsure of who the girl even is.

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The actual baby

The Daily News has seen reported images of a baby’s foot posted on Instagram stories on 19 October 2017 to the Instagram belonging to the young woman.  While we have shared her photo, we, have not named her. And we have no intention to.   The baby’s foot that was actually seen in video, is, actually believed to be the baby of her mum.  A mum who  again we won’t identify to protect her privacy, but, gave birth earlier this year.

Alike the police reports that don’t exist, we, managed to debunk this claim after searching records for three different local area London hospitals.  None of which have turned up a conjoining police report or hospital report of a baby born to a 15-year-old girl.

Again people, this is a well fabricated lie until it actually hit the press.

Her schoolgirl friends

Friends of the young woman, a year old (16),  with the consent of their parents —  have spoken to The Daily News. “She’s quite the exaggerator most definitely” says one of the schoolgirls.  When pressed for more,  another continued, “She’s always been one of those that has to be the center of attention and that was obvious over the last few years in school.  Nobody has really remained her friend as of late because of some her antics”.

Laws in the United Kingdom

Age of consent in the United Kingdom: 16, anything below, is automatic grounds for police intervention under the law as it is then considered potential sexual assault/rape. 

Under the Sexual Offenses Act of 2003,   sexual assault is defined as unwanted touching;   unwanted advances,  and or otherwise, per the law:

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(1)If in proceedings for an offence to which this section applies it is proved— (a)that the defendant did the relevant act, (b)that any of the circumstances specified in subsection (2) existed, and (c)that the defendant knew that those circumstances existed,the complainant is to be taken not to have consented to the relevant act unless sufficient evidence is adduced to raise an issue as to whether he consented, and the defendant is to be taken not to have reasonably believed that the complainant consented unless sufficient evidence is adduced to raise an issue as to whether he reasonably believed it.

(2)The circumstances are that— (a)any person was, at the time of the relevant act or immediately before it began, using violence against the complainant or causing the complainant to fear that immediate violence would be used against him; (b)any person was, at the time of the relevant act or immediately before it began, causing the complainant to fear that violence was being used, or that immediate violence would be used, against another person; (c)the complainant was, and the defendant was not, unlawfully detained at the time of the relevant act; (d)the complainant was asleep or otherwise unconscious at the time of the relevant act; (e)because of the complainant’s physical disability, the complainant would not have been able at the time of the relevant act to communicate to the defendant whether the complainant consented; (f)any person had administered to or caused to be taken by the complainant, without the complainant’s consent, a substance which, having regard to when it was administered or taken, was capable of causing or enabling the complainant to be stupefied or overpowered at the time of the relevant act.

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(3)In subsection (2)(a) and (b), the reference to the time immediately before the relevant act began is, in the case of an act which is one of a continuous series of sexual activities, a reference to the time immediately before the first sexual activity began.

        This is the law. There is no police report for this young girl.  As of this writing, we have yet to come across valid evidence indicating that the child was actually born.

Her mother’s pregnancy

In limited circumstances, here it goes.  We’ve been granted editorial permission to  discuss this particular matter.  The young woman’s mother gave birth to a child earlier this year according to a Facebook profile discovered for the woman.   To protect her privacy, as this story has gone viral, we will not link to or publicly identify her.

The same photograph of the “baby’s foot”  appears on a Facebook page that we have identified as her mother. A woman who gave birth around the same original claimed date in December.

Attempts to contact the reported mother are pending.  We have matched apparenty photos of the young girl to the woman’s Facebook page  debunking the original claim that her mother was dead. The original claim was that her mother was dead and died when she was 8, although,  that also appears to be a lie.

A denial by The Game.

The Game claimed in a statement that this was a “lie made up by a child” and that’s what this exactly appears to be.

We will have more on this story upon further investigating this Facebook page, and, attempting to contact her family.


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