Here’s more from the autopsy and police reports regarding Kenneka Jenkins

This week saw the release of even more information in the death of Kenneka Jenkins, some,  essentially more questionable than other parts.   Earlier this week, police reports (additional copies) were dispersed to the press and we’ve finally taken a look at some of them that arrived last night.

First up, how she was found.  According to the first police report,  Jenkins, 19, was “found face down with one shoe off inside the freezer” the same freezer that nobody can still determine how it was on, but, the lights were off.    The police report goes on to claim and maintain that  Jenkins had “no visible trauma on her persons other than a small scratch on her foot”.

At the time of discovery, the freezer was around 33 degrees while the cooler was around 14 degrees.  Authorities noted in multiple pieces of the police report, that,  the doors had been opened for some time and were opened  leading up to  Kenneka’s discovery. 

There are still plentiful questions in Jenkins death, starting, with the fact how she ended up face down with one shoe off, in  a freezer, that “was on but the lights were off” but the door was open. 

Interestingly,  in the same police reports, text messages and additional information from the night she died have now surfaced. A childhood friend who saw  Kenneka at the party, noted, “she was clearly intoxicated”  when she gave him a hug on 9 September.   The police report at this point coincides with what we previously reported, Kenneka did indeed leave the hotel room with the other two women.  Only the two women returned, as also reported to police by the same man she hugged. 

The same man reported to police per police reports, that, “Only those two returned, after about  half-an- hour later,  and that was when people wondered where Kenneka was”. “Nobody made a big deal about it because they had just assumed she left with someone else”.  The same man continued, per police reports, that “because nobody was really concerned, and, the two women didn’t make a big deal about her missing, that, they  wound up leaving the hotel entirely at first”.

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Also interesting,   the report, notes that the camera system in the kitchen Kenneka was seen wandering through was “motion activated”.    The last time someone was actually in that area of the hotel before Kenneka was reportedly 30 August according to the police report.  It must be noted that the autopsy did indeed return that she was under the influence of alcohol, but, there was also the presence of topamax.  (A “therapeutic  medicine used for numerous different things..).

A medicine that according to Mrs Martin,   Kenneka, was never actually prescribed nor had ever been taking.

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