Harvey Weinstein bought his way into the Clinton Family: Investigation

Clinton is pictured with sexual predator Harvey Weinstein in 2008 at a private screening of Shakespeare in Love.
Clinton is pictured with sexual predator Harvey Weinstein in 2008 at a private screening of Shakespeare in Love.

And now, uh, it has gone off and gotten a whole lot more interesting. In information obtained by multiple outlets including The Daily News, Weinstein, has now been found to be a key player in lawsuits involving Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Yes, ehum, that Monica Lewinksky from Bill Clinton ‘s notorious affair while President of the United States.   According to information shared online Monday, Weinstein, began donating (secretly) large sums of money to Clinton using backdoor channels.  The money was meant for what would come to be settlements and lawsuits stemming from those filed by Lewinsky after news of the affair first broke.

The Washington Post managed to be the first to uncover the interest piece of Weinstein’s history.  The Daily News subsequently confirmed that Weinstein did indeed actually donate $10,000 (the maximum amount allowed) to  Clinton’s legal defense fund when Clinton was embroiled by lawsuits regarding his secret affair with the then 22-year-old Monica Lewinsky. In connection to the original investigation, additional political donation documents obtained by the Daily News confirmed that Weinstein did indeed donate $10,000.

But that’s not all.  News of previous donations from Weinstein to the Clinton’s are just now coming to light.  The Clinton Foundation made it very clear earlier this week that they will not return $250,000 worth of donations from Weinstein to Weinstein as “it has already been spent”. Celebrities; politicians, and numerous businesses have all returned and or donated Weinstein’s donated funds to various charities.

Weinstein’s dirty money along with donations from celebs like Barbra Streisand helped Clinton stay in the oval office. Interestingly, as a result of  Weinstein’s backing of Clinton and his legal defense fund — over the next decade he would receive unprecedented access to the First Family. Even so, he would further maintain access to Hillary Clinton even while she was Secretary of State of the United States.

With the investigations into Weinstein’s past financial dealings,  interesting most of all, photographs of Clinton and Weinstein dating back to 2008 have surfaced online.   As a courtesy of Weinstein’s longstanding support for the Clinton family,   the then Secretary of State,  attended personally a screening of Weinstein’s film Shakespeare in Love. 

Calls to Weinstein ‘s rep were not returned. Calls to Clinton ‘s rep returned “no comment”.

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