Theresa May “hopeful” ahead of next week’s new Brexit meetings

Meetings with EU officials and those in Brussels that is.  According to Downing Street, Theresa May will head into the telephone booth this weekend and into early next week, to,   further her diplomatic efforts for easy Brexit negotiations.   Officials say that May “wants to further diplomatic efforts’  to ensure that Brexit talks become “easier to maintain rather than continuing to fail”.

The sixth round of negotiations on May’s behalf for the United Kingdom will begin actually next month starting with this week’s upcoming summit. Although, alike the last, many are concerned that the negotiation process could lead to another harrowing defeat for May in her quest for a “No Deal” Brexit plan.

Interestingly, the news of May’s hopeful diplomatic efforts this weekend come as a massive super-group of Tory MP’s and former ministers hope to force a bill that would lawfully require her to sign a soft Brexit bill no matter what.

Jean-Claude, the often betrothed leader of the European Commision, had this to say about the more-often-than-not failing Brexit talks.

“They have to pay, they have to pay. Not in an impossible way,” said Jean-Claude Juncker, according to the Financial Times.  “I’m not in a revenge mood, I’m not hating the British. The Europeans have to be grateful for so many things Britain has brought to Europe, during war, after war. But now they have to pay.”

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