Service Warning: Reported restrictions appearing in certain regions and cities


At approximately 3:40 pm EST, The Daily News  has  triggered a digital lockdown on  our internal servers that contain the enormous amounts of information in our possession and our articles.    In the early morning hours of 15 October,  viewers across the world woke up to restriction warnings that our websites were no longer   viewable in their area.

Some received 403  forbidden errors, while others, received flat-out warnings from their internet service providers that this website has been restricted.  We learned of the issue shortly after it began, and, determined that the issue sits solely within certain ISP providers.  We ourselves have been locked out of our website as long as we continue to attempt to connect to it from our  regular Wi-Fi network(s).

We attempted to rectify the issue by using one device connected to a regularly-used Wi-Fi network while another was not.  Multiple attempts from the regular network returned both forbidden errors, and, at least twice we received “This webpage has been restricted by your ISP provider”.

While we are unaware of why this is happening, we, will post a server status update as soon as we determine why we are suddenly being locked out of our website using our regular Wi-Fi and viewers across the globe are being restricted with no other warning other than this site has been censored.

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