Body of teacher who bailed man out of jail found: Police

Suspect Charlie Malzahn is pictured in his mugshot two days after Gorospe the teacher was found Photo Credit: AZ State Troopers.
Suspect Charlie Malzahn is pictured in his mugshot. Photo Credit: AZ State Troopers.

After an eerily gross find in  a vehicle during a routine stop.  According to Arizona state troopers,  the body of Cathryn Gorospe a local teacher has been found. Gorospe unusually and rather randomly bailed a 27-year-old man out of jail (without no knowledge of such to family or friends) and then wound up dead.

Police say that Charlie Malzahn, 27,  apparently had what appears to be a “romantic relationship” of sorts with Gorospe. To what extent, however, police are still trying to figure out as Malzahn claims “he was high on meth for most of the time from his initial arrest up until  Gorospe actually wound up dead”.

Authorities were able to confirm that Monday,  Malzahn, was indeed arrested in Gorospe’s vehicle.   Police did indeed find bloodstains on the interior which led to his arrest, all the while, he had apparently used her credit and debit cards the day before.

The Arizona Republic attempted to piece some of the puzzle together, but,   several key elements are still missing. A trial is reportedly pending.

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