Bob Weinstein claims he didn’t know Harvey was an “extensive pervert”

Harvey Weinstein and ex-wife Georgina Chapman are pictured. AP FILE PHOTO/ THE DAILY NEWS
Harvey Weinstein and ex-wife Georgina Chapman are pictured. AP FILE PHOTO/ THE DAILY NEWS

Bob Weinstein, ehum, is apparently a good liar. According to reports, the betrothed member of The Weinstein Company and its board has told numerous outlets that he “knew Harvey was a philanderer but didn’t know to what extent” and ‘hopes that Harvey gets all of the justice that he rightfully deserves”. The comments were reportedly made to The Hollywood Reporter over the weekend.

Although, ehum, such doesn’t align with the very same contract that Bob signed for Harvey ‘s own employment beginning in 2015.  The Daily News, previously reported of an employment contract that surfaced online. In that employment contract, it, was noted that “Payments beginning at $250,000 for the first offense and upwards to no more than $1m will be taken from Harvey for each issue he creates due to behavioral problems”.

Meanwhile, The Daily News has learned that  Bob Weinstein has personally asked the Academy to indefinitely expel Harvey for his “mortifying behavior”.   In other news, yet another  woman has come forth revealing Harvey’s weird and creepy behavior.

Model Angie Everhart revealed to Page Six Saturday that while at Cannes last year, Harvey,  stood over her while she was sleeping (she would awake to find such after being disturbed) and attempted to masturbate.    Everhart says when she went to tell others at the festival about the situation, she, was told ‘That’s just Harvey”.

Interestingly, it, has also surfaced that Weinstein tried to pressure female stars to wear ex-wife Georgina Chapman’s clothes at movie premieres or “else”. A-List actress  Felicity Huffman has come forth revealing that during a screening and promotional stint for her film TransAmerica, Weinstein, threatened to pull promotion for her movie all together if the clothes from Marchesa weren’t actually worn.  Attempts to reach out to Mrs. Chapman for comment were unsuccessful.

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