Trump amps up attacks on NBC, continues to threaten license

But there’s actually nothing that the betrothed President can actually do about NBC’s license to broadcast stateside.  FCC  heads took to  social media to to note that “That’s not how this works” in response to amped up threats against the network amid its negatively amplified coverage of Trump ‘s time in office.

“Fake news” has been a repeated statement   by Trump this week, further, citing that networks should “have their licenses either revoked or challenged for the “fake news” that they produce”. Although alike the FCC noted, uh, the President has no power to determine  which or whose license gets challenged or revoked.

Meanwhile, some are beginning to question if Trump is slowly turning on the very same oaths of office he promised when he became President. Specifically, the First Amendment. It’s worth noting that Trump only wants to challenge the licenses of those in which are critical of his Presidency.

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