Season Premiere Review: The CW’s Dynasty

Network: CW

Show Name: Dynasty

Starring: Elizabeth Gillies, and more (and one super hunky, actually two super hunky black men that we’ll talk about later).

Grade: 4 Stars

Final comments:  The return of Dynasty some 30 years later as a modern; young and sexual reboot is here.  It’s everything modern young people think about in a whole new time period. Luxury; sex, scandal, and more.   Two thumbs up to Elizabeth (Fallon Carrington)  and her scandalous driver.

Dynasty’s premise begins around two of America’s most wealthiest families, and, interestingly in its season premiere opening credits — has none other than the Kardashian family in it.    A befitting representation of what’s to come.  Scandal; sex, fame, and fortune. And, of course,  one nuclear would-be-wife out for whatever she can possibly get.

Fallon and her rather attractive brother are the leading stars (for sure) of Dynasty.  The premise centers around their opulent, and, usually unrestricted lifestyles as the would-be heirs to the Carrington fortune.  That is, uh, until an equally scandalous (and rather glamorous) young woman enters the picture with an agenda of her own.

Without a doubt, I’d probably smack my father if I were to suddenly meet a woman who is supposed to be my step mother while she’s slung over an office desk getting wigged out.  I think I’d probably hurl at the mere sight, but,  be as equally offended as Fallon was.   This is where it gets dark.

Fallon’s suspicions about the woman, Cristal, quickly turn out to be so harshly accurate that we were pretty scared of what’s to come in the next episode.  Her suspicions went from angry at her existence, to, finding her in the vehicle of her ex-boyfriend/boo/hubby that her current fiance Blake Carrington doesn’t actually know anything about. In fact, by this time, she had already lied to Blake about where she was really going. “Out with the girls” actually meant for an after hours meet-up with her former beau, a man, who ironically actually works for Blake Carrington himself.  But uh, miss thang didn’t know that.

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Surprisingly,  Fallon wasted no time in turning in the evidence to her father after sending her side-piece/driver/ henchman to do her dirty work to obtain it in the first place.  Blake, in a weird way,  seemed like he already had his own suspicions about what Cristal was really up to.  But, we won’t get to much into that because I want  all of you reading this to tune into soapy-ass modern soap opera that is well worth the watch.   For 42 minutes of your evening,  it is indeed a sweet-luxe escape from reality, and, you’re sure to be excited by the drama filled moments.

One of my favorite stand out moments from the series premiere was in fact the fact that  Cristal’s nephew makes a sudden appearance (but first, uh, by banging Fallon’s brother..). Nobody at the time, uh, knew that  Sam (I think that was his name) was in fact Cristal’s nephew.  But,  it’s worth noting that this is actually the part where Cristal’s actual motives are exposed — and — the butler dude makes it very well known that he will kick some ass if something goes south.

And fast.

Season 2 of the CW’s  Dynasty reboot airs on the 18th. Don’t miss it!

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