Brooke Shields claims Donald Trump tried to ask her out

Actress Brooke Shields is pictured.
Actress Brooke Shields is pictured.

It’s the week of unwanted advances; groping, and apparent attempts to wife one.  In interviews posted online today, Elite Daily, captured what is a Brooke Shields claiming that in 1999 she turned down the man that would become the President of the United States.

(Trump had met Melania just before in 1998..)

The tid-bit comes after a slew of news stories engulfed the career of Harvey Weinstein, and now, appear to be turning their  sights to Donald Trump and Ben Affleck.   Shields claimed in the interview that shortly after Trump first met the then   Melania Trump, he,   was “persistent in trying to get me to go out with him claiming that the people would love it and it needed to happen”.

Interestingly,  the timeline of events adds up as  Shields placed the timeline of events in New York City just around the same time that Trump met Melania at an after party for New York Fashion Week.

The White House did not address the report during Thursday’s briefing.

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