Amazon now literally caught in its own sexual harassment saga

Producer Isa Hackett is pictured.
Producer Isa Hackett is pictured.

Dating back a few years actually.  Last night, it surfaced that one particular Amazon studio chief is out of a job after making unwanted advances and the like to a female producer.  In 2015, Isa Hackett, says Amazon’s studio chief Roy Price “made an unwanted advance towards her at an Amazon execs party”.

Price denies the claims, but Hackett appears to have provided enough evidence to have Price fired “effective immediately” according to the New York Times.  Hackett says “I decided to come forward after being inspired by the many other women who were braver than I was”.

Details of the lewd attempt have now leaked online. According to the Times,  Price,  “repeatedly tried to proposition  Hackett in a taxi on their way to the event, even, telling Hackett that “she would enjoy his genitalia”.

News of Price’s lewd advances actually first surfaced in August, but, were never actually addressed until Hackett pressed the issue again earlier this month.

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