NYPD, UK Police open investigations into Harvey Weinstein ‘s lewd activities

Harvey Weinstein could soon be headed to jail, if, these investigations go anywhere. According to reports,   both the New York Police Department and The Scotland Yard have opened up police investigations into the lewd allegations against former film executive Harvey Weinstein.

First up, The NYPD.

The very same police department that notoriously chose not to prosecute Weinstein after  an undercover sting operation is now claiming that they’re investigating Weinstein for any present day sexual assaults.   We’re just going to call this one out here, and,  call the NYPD on their bluff.

The Department said in a statement that “We are reviewing all information to see if their were any additional reports or complaints made regarding Mr. Weinstein”.  Meanwhile,  this is also the same city where  Weinstein once paid off the D.A after the then District Attorney quietly decided not to press charges against Weinstein after assaulting an Italian model.

Next up,  in London.

Multiple police precincts including  The Scotland Yard  and the Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that they’ve received even more complaints about Weinstein (some dating back even further than those in America, to at least the early 1980’s..).   No word on whether or not they’ve found any  present-day confirmations.

Meanwhile, Harvey Weinstein himself has spoken out against the allegations once more.  As of Thursday 12 October 2017, Weinstein, “is headed to a treatment facility” in  Arizona “to get help” per a statement released through his spokesperson.

We all make mistakes – second chance I hope.”

He told TMZ: “Guys I’m not doing OK but I’m trying; I’ve got to get help. I’m hanging in – I’m trying my best.”

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Stonewalling Rose McGowan

McGowan,  was one of the original stars to come forth with her own story on Weinstein. (She famously and quietly settled for $100,000  in a case against Weinstein in the 1990’s for sexual harassment..).   Now, she’s also one of the stars currently in Weinstein’s cross hairs as Twitter.com has suspended her account for attempting to discuss her scary encounters with the former disgraced film executive.    Twitter alleges that she “violated their Terms of Service” but won’t say how.

She did tweet a number of things last night, including, that Bob Weinstein (she mentioned him indirectly) knew all along of his brother’s sexual harassment problems.  Supposedly, that part right there is the real reason McGowan got her account suspended.

Attempted sexual assault of a minor

Yes people what you’re about to read is very real.  Brit actress Kate Beckinsale has come forth with her own harrowing story on Weinstein and it isn’t pretty.  Beckinsale, per reports,  has come forth noting that at the age of 17 she was “also sexually assaulted in a hotel room in an almost similar manner to others.  She dodged his attempts and never spoke much to him again. Years later, “he did ask me if he had did anything to me that night in the hotel room. It was like he couldn’t remember if he had sexually assaulted me”.

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