3-year-old girl forced to stand outside at 2am, now, she’s been kidnapped

And now, uh, that 3-year-old girl is actually missing.   Texas state troopers and the FBI confirmed to The Daily News that  at around 3 am last night a Texas girl was forced to stand outside.  Why, you say? According to investigators, her father grew angry that she didn’t want anymore milk.

Sherin Mathews, 3, was sent to stand outside of her home last night shortly after dinner. Police say that Mathews, “apparently didn’t want to drink anymore milk and therefore her father grew angry” who “shortly after dinner sent her to stand outside. When he went to go find her after her punishment, she, had been kidnapped”.

Sherin was reported missing around 8 am  this morning, and, is considered to be in immediate and grave danger. She has developmental impairments, and,  has limited speech abilities. She was adopted from an orphan facility in India about two years ago.  Her deadbeat father, however,  has been arrested for child abandonment and endangerment and is looking at some pretty serious time in jail.   Meanwhile, Sherin’s older sister has been removed from the home by Texas CPS officials.

An Amber Alert was issued, however, it expired Monday due to  a lack of readily available information.

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