Harvey Weinstein let go from his own company + shocking new development


Troubling news in the growing scandal against Harvey Weinstein. According to Weinstein’s company,    the mega movie producer has been dismissed from the company all together.   After an “explosive” weekend meeting (per reports), Weinstein’s own brother, ultimately led the crusade to end his career at Weinstein’s movie company.

Meanwhile,  we’ve learned through Hollywood insiders and numerous additional reports that Harvey Weintein’s name will be removed from all major productions and television shows that he has ever produced.   Weinstein,  ehum, has officially fallen.

Insiders in Weinstein’s circle in and out of the company noted in e-mails to The Daily News  Monday evening that “Things are definitely getting bad. They’re trying to erase Harvey before anything gets any worse”  one source said.

The Weinstein Company has “reached out to numerous networks that air Weinstein’s shows including those that carry his name” because “the Weinstein Company is legally trying to remove his name as executive producer”.   Interestingly, sources over at Amazon indicate alike others have already said  “Weinstein is pretty much an executive producer in name-only.  He’s never really had much face time on any one singular Amazon set or movie”.


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