Harvey Weinstein paid off NYC District Attorney to avoid prosecution: Report

Yet another new damaging piece of information on Harvey Weinstein is out.   According to  The Daily Mail,  Weinstein’s lawyer donated $10,000 to the then District Attorney for New York City.   Yes people, Weinstein ‘s people paid off a government official.

The Mail reports that that DA has been identified.   Cyrus Vance Jr apparently ordered his office not to press charges against Harvey Weinstein in 2015 after the city  at the time already knew of the growing sexual harassment allegations.  Interestingly, beginning in April 2015,   Vance’s office would receive a number of donations totaling $10,000 and sometimes more.

Those donations came at a time when Weinstein thought he could order his people to secretly and quietly pay off more than just the women he sexually harassed. The news comes on the heels of one particular former “actress” revealing that she was cornered in an NYC eatery a while back, and, then forced to watch Weinstein masturbate in a closed restaurant.

Vance’s office denies that they did anything wrong, citing, that  David Boies wasn’t actually representing Weinstein at the time.  Also, uh, it appears that this is actually the same lawyer who is currently under fire for not prosecuting Jared and Ivanka Trump for financial crimes related to abusing their positions.  The incident with the Trump children dates back to 2010, when,  Vance’s office declined to press charges against the Trump children for felony fraud charges related to deceitful business deals.


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