Harvey Weinstein now faces yet another new accuser

Harvey Weinstein is becoming (slowly but surely) a thing of the past.   According to reports published Sunday morning, Weinstein now faces yet another accuser in the growing sexual assault scandal  out against him right now.

Saturday afternoon his attorney, Lisa Bloom, resigned as his legal adviser following many of the newly surfaced claims (most of which are pretty jarring).  HuffPost rounds up some of the claims, including, the new one from one NYC  Cafe Socialista.  Lauren Sivan, a T.V news person reportedly told numerous outlets that Weinstein (“once cornered me into a corner at Cafe Socialista and forced me to watch him ejaculate. He did so quickly into a nearby pot”.

It comes as Gloria Allred has indirectly scorned her own daughter for accepting the job of defending Weinstein to begin with. Just two days ago to The New York Times,   Bloom, defended  him calling him an “old dinosaur learning new ways”.

Sources tell The Daily News that both of  Weinstein’s advisers have quit, although,   during the publication of this report we received two phones indicating that there may be another woman involved.


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