Two U.S states have sued Donald Trump over birth control mandate reversal

Mass AG Maura Healey is pictured.
Mass AG Maura Healey is pictured.

Two U.S states  have plenty of time this weekend in response to Donald Trump ‘s reversal of a birth control mandate that employers had to provide birth control within their insurance plans. Now, not so much. Massachusetts and California have both filed lawsuits on behalf of each of their respective Attorney Generals, citing, that the reversal violates the law on several levels.

According to court documents obtained by The Daily News, both Attorney Generals have argued  that businesses have no right to trump the decision of  a woman’s own family planning process and when such should take place.

Meanwhile, The Hill rounded up some pretty interesting responses mostly of the religious type.   The mandate reversal is pretty faith-based in its whole, and,  allows employers to “not provide birth control on grounds that it violates their own religious and or moral beliefs”.


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