Expose: How North Korea’s massive illegal arms operation continues despite sanctions

North Korea’s race for survival is nothing new, but, with more sanctions than ever before — the country has been forced to come up with other means to meet its financial needs.  In a lengthy expose for The Washington Post, eporters uncovered how the North Korean  hermit state manages to smuggle large quantities of illegal weapons all over the world, in this case, specifically to Cairo Egypt beginning last year.   The expose uncovered one particular incident last year, when,   the North formally got the beginning of their tougher sanctions.

It went something like this.  Beginning in May-June of last year, the North was sanctioned heavily for repeated threats of missile launches.   In that time period, it actually managed to divert attention from its shipping industry to that of the phony threats.  Instead,  Kim Jong Un secretly harbored more than 10,000 weapons in a cargo ship that were apparently covered by a load of  ore. So, how’dsuch a brilliant plan end up going sour?

American spies says the Guardian. Spies apparently caught on to the illegal trade deal headed for Egypt and alerted officials in the area both American and Egyptian. As a result, the North was then sanctioned again and Egyptian authorities found themselves in hot-water with the Americans. Most recently over this summer, a $300m beneficial deal to the Egyptian government from the Americans went sour after the Trump Administration secretly decided to nix the deal all together under suspicion that Egypt was helping fund North Korea.   It is still unknown if Egypt ever made  paid that $15m+ tab to North Korea.

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