Transgender teen claims he was booted from Christian school because he’s trans

Multi gender bathroom signage in airport
Multi gender bathroom signage in airport

A new transgender controversy is brewing, but, this time it’s because a student at a Christian school claims he was booted for the very same reason that he is transgender.  According to reports,  Stiles Zuschlag of Lebanon Maine,  claims he was  booted from the Tri-City Christian Academy after his mother decided to disclose beyond his own attempts that he was transgender to the school’s administrator. Now, let’s remember that such isn’t illegal what the school did next.

US Department of Education officials confirmed that the Tri-City Christian School doesn’t actually receive any form of federal funding, which,  excludes such a school from federal rules as far as who they can and can’t deny entry or continuance at their school to.  Interestingly, it was after a meeting with Zuschlag’s mother that the administrator decided that “He was no longer welcome at the school” and “that he should seek counseling for his sins”.

The school wouldn’t confirm nor deny the claims, citing, that they couldn’t  address prior students situation(s) due to privacy concerns. Meanwhile,  Zuschlag has since transferred to a new public high school in the city where he “feels accepted and now I can be who I want to be” he told one particular media group.

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