Catalonia referendum brings Spanish government nearly to its knees

People in Catalonia Spain are pictured.

CATALONIA, SPAIN —  The historic independence vote in Spain is underway today, but, not without government intervention from the Spanish government.    Riot police by the dozens were deployed today to “seize ballots and close polling stations” as the government sought to quash Catalonia’s independence vote once and for all.

Although, the move appears to be backfiring on behalf of the Spanish government. Images, and bizarre images at that, of police using force to forcibly remove the young and the old from polling places have emerged online.  Social media is hot this morning with allegations and accusations that the Spanish government in centralized Madrid has “grossly abused its power” and “these photos exhibit nothing short of government overreach” per some pro-referendum protesters and voters.

A man is pictured badly injured after riot police turned violent in Catalonia (September 30th 2017)

Spanish officials have since seized the HQ of a communications centre in Catalonia ordering all

Pro-Unity protesters are pictured in Barcelona draped in flags matching the colours of Catalonia (AP Photo/Credit).

technology connected to polling stations closed.   Several government heads in Catalonia have been arrested as of this writing, while, at least 1,300 of the polling stations in the area have been closed.

Recent polls suggest that there is a large part of Catalonia that wants a vote on its referendum regarding sovereign status.  Although,  the same polls suggest that there is a deep divide as for those who actually want the region to remain as part of Spain.    Pro-Unity protesters marched through Barcelona this morning chanting “Viva Espana”  as means to show their unity to the Spanish government.

What you’re about to see is violent and terrifying at the hands of Spanish police.   Police have been ordered by the centralized government to “seize” the referendum and its ballots at all costs.   

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These images were sent into The Daily News from those within Catalonia itself. “It’s a political war zone in here”.    During the publication of this report, we, were informed by referendum officials that tabulating votes and such has now moved to smartphones.  The Spanish Government has disabled all internet access to pro-referendum buildings and polling stations making it almost impossible to use them.

Police officials were captured on video smashing into private residences; buildings, and polling stations in a last ditch effort to gain access to anyone or anything that attempted to overthrow Madrid this weekend.


The referendum’s leader and President has now reportedly voted in the referendum all together.  Despite a regional government crackdown, it, appears that the votes may go through. If successful,  even in the slightest, Catalonia will become its own territory in less than 48 hours per additional referendum officials.

Spain’s own foreign minister Alfonso Dastis told the Associated Press that  the referendum and those behind it “are making a mockery of Democracy” although Mr. Dastis failed to acknowledge that it is actually Spanish forces that are violating all things Democratic.

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