Month: October 2017


Production on House of Cards season 6 suspended 

Bad news for House of Cards fans.   According to producers,   season 6 of the hit show has seen its production cancelled.   The temporary suspension of production comes as the claims against newly and openly gay star Kevin Spacey become more complex.  "We're evaluating the situation" reads a statement from Netflix about the suspension.  Meanwhile,  other reports appear to have confirmed that at least three spin offs are currently up for grabs. 
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Donald Trump will not seek a 2nd term as President of the United States

According to multiple Republicans, and,  one particular news report.  Newsweek reports that GOP officials are coming out of D. C amid the Russia investigation deepening citing that they don't believe Trump will seek re-election in 2020. Although doubt has been casted on such,   Trump is still fundraising for a possible re-election despite the  reports published today. The news comes amid Robert S Mueller III's deepening investigation into  Russia's activities in the United States in 2016. 
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Trump in internal chaos as Russian investigation deepens 

Yesterday,  brought three indictments that were heavily anticipated:  A Trump confidant,  a terrible negotiator,  and a White House Staffer.  With those indictments,  which included 12 counts in total and various charges,  President Trump is said to be "livid" over such charges.  According to The Washington Post,   Trump,  spent his Monday & Tuesday mornings privately fuming away from the rest of the west wing staff.   "He's been quietly fuming over the charges, but celebrating that they had occurred before his campaign" (not quite though! ). One of the charges,  specifically the one that is in regards to making a false statement to the FBI -- is where Trump may find the most trouble. Trump and the WH have tried to downplay...

Janet  Yellen’s Fed Chair replacement is here 

After months of speculation,  it appears that Janet  Yellen is on her way out as federal chairwoman of the Federal Reserve.    Reports indicate that Trump wants to replace Yellen,  but,  keep many of her policies.  The likely replacement?  Word on Washington is that Jerome H.  Powell has come out on top to take over the position.  The news comes as the White House has found itself reeling following the indictments of three of  Trump's associates. 
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WH scrambling to distance itself from Mueller indictments 

The indictments against Paul Manafort  and his associate Mr Gates have the WH in a scramble.  According to reports,   the WH says that these indictments have nothing to do with Trump personally.  No really.  During a press briefing, Sarah Sanders claimed that the WH itself had very little to do with the indictments and had no knowledge of what was going on with them.  Furthermore,  it now appears that they do indeed have something to do with the other -- given that if Manafort turns on Trump in any way this could get ugly.  Keep up with us on social media for the latest news on Mueller's investigation. 
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Report: Ronan Farrow to take over at Vanity Fair

Ronan Farrow may soon have a new job, per multiple reports (our pick being The New York Post).   According to The Post,  Farrow is on the shortlist for contenders to take over for Vanity Fair legend Graydon Carter. Carter, announced last month that he will be retiring after 25 years at the top of his game while at the magazine. While he is no shoe-in for the position,  he, has a few good chances.   Reports indicate that the favorite frontrunner is actually a powerful editor from Guggenheim Media.   Vanity Fair has neither confirmed nor denied the news,  meanwhile, Farrow is backed by several media heavyweights including those in which helped him  leak the Weinstein story to begin with.  
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Japan’s ninja thief has officially been caught

Japanese authorities have apparently caught the man they say has been robbing people and places across Japan for nearly a decade.  Local authorities told several outlets, including The Daily News, that they were "shocked" to discover that the ninja-like black clad thief, is, indeed actually 74-years-old. Authorities say that the man, who, has been identified as Mitsuaki Tanigawa. The man apparently started his hiests in 2009 back with a similar robbery.  He was apparently caught on surveillance tape trying to break into an electronics store in Osaka, meanwhile, made the mistake of taking off his ski-mask in front of the camera. It's pretty much history from there.  Japanese authorities apparently believe that they stole upwards of $250,000  worth of products over the span of time sin...
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Hillary Clinton slams Trump ‘s record on LGBT issues

LGBT issues are a hot button issue in America, especially, now more than ever.   In a new interview,  Hillary Clinton has come out swinging against Trump 's LGBT record.  At a dinner for the Human Rights Campaign, per Politico,  Clinton had plenty to say about  Trump's attacks on the LGBT community and his out right lies about what he'd do for them. “The attacks on the LGBT community here at home and around the world are striking and scary. I can only imagine what it’s like to be in the position that so many people still find themselves in in our country,” Clinton said. “I do know what it feels like to be torn down and attacked and I want you to know that I’m with you,” she added. “We cannot rely on this administration or the Supreme Court to uphold LGBT rights,” Clinton said. “We...
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The first charges against the Trump Administration have been brought

Looks like the Trump Administration 's days may be numbered. According to reports, special counsel  Robert Mueller has filed the first criminal charges against a member of the Trump Administration (multiple reports place that at Paul Manafort). The charges were reportedly filed on Friday,  hidden beneath secret court filings and sealed warrants.    No details as of this writing have formally been released, although, many are speculating what Monday may bring next. The original report appeared in CNN, who, appears to have gotten their hands on  secret court filings.   Calls to Mueller's office were not returned.  CNN cites multiple sources and documents as stating that people could be brought in and charged as soon as Monday.

Harvey Weinstein tried to use Rose McGowan ‘s sexual history against her

In apparent leaked e-mails that have surfaced online following a damning Daily Beast expose. In the original expose,   his former disgraced attorney Lisa  Bloom is seen trying to bribe others out of their prosecution of Weinstein by offering up McGowan's reported sexual history. According to Glamour,  Lisa Bloom tried to go to extensive lengths to discredit McGowan (although it doesn't appear the threat was ever followed through with..).  Bloom reportedly phoned Ronan Farrow, who, was then shocked to see Bloom on the line offering up blackmail-worthy sexual evidence on Rose McGowan or in her words "Information you need to see". Alike before, Bloom,  refused to speak when contacted by The Daily News on the claims. At the time when the original report was published, she, claimed sh...

Clients are finally turning on Lisa Bloom, for all of the right reasons

If you ask anyone with a conscious and two moving thumbs to access some sort of electronic device -- they probably know who Lisa Bloom is.     Lisa Bloom, she's almost like that elephant in the room; the random aunt that shows up uninvited to your mother's wedding insisting she's only there for morale support. But at any rate, still remains there.   According to reports,  clients are now "turning on Bloom in droves" because some are claiming that "defending Harvey Weinstein has damaged the Bloom brand forever".  "There's no coming back from that" says one source. Apart from additional reports,  Bloom,   apparently first lost her credibility in the beginning when the allegations first came out. The Daily Beast  notes  that the problem first came when  Bloom called Ronan Farrow whe...

Ashley Judd explains in interview how she evaded Harvey Weinstein in that hotel room

Ashley Judd, one of the first high profile female stars to accuse Weinstein, has come forth revealing details on how she evaded Harvey Weinstein in that hotel room some 20 years ago.   Judd, notoriously first revealed Weinstein's lewd behavior on her own accord several years ago -- but  it recently only came to light after a string of horrific allegations. Now, in an exclusive interview with Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer Judd revealed that she "made a deal" that it would only ever happen between the two if she actually won an Oscar (not become nominated, but, actually win)  in one of his movies. Weinstein, allegedly tried to barter the deal  down to a nomination but that didn't work. Judd's story comes on the heels of Weinstein reportedly suing the Weinstein Company for acce...
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JFK Assassination Files partially released, some still blocked

The JFK assassination files have long been the subject of much discussion. Recently, it became public knowledge that yet another deadline for unleashing the remains of the top-secret files had neared.  That, uh, being the 26 October 2017.  Meanwhile, on that day,  Trump per reports, decided to only release part of the files rather than all of them. "I am ordering today that the veil finally be lifted," NBC News quotes President Trump as stating in a memo.  Per NBC,  some 2,800 files were released while others were not.  According to officials, the decision to halt some of them from being released came at the discretion and the pressure of other government agencies both domestic and foreign -- citing security concerns.  
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NAACP issues national travel advisory in America for African Americans

The NAACP is intervening in what has become a growing problem with American  Airlines: injustices in the sky for those who are minorities.  This week, the NAACP issued a national travel advisory for African Americans and minorities -- as -- they've managed to discover an even further reason why they did such.   The announcement originally was thought to have come after a string of recent incidents in which saw minorities, essentially, be mistreated or entirely get kicked off of planes for no real reason. The goal of the advisory is to 'educate people; minorities, and communities"  about the concerns that we must "face while aboard American Airlines flights".  Most recently, the warning appears to have been born out of a controversy involving a pregnant Pakistani woman; an allergen t...
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